3 Amazing Facts About eCommerce 3 Amazing Facts About eCommerce

Did you know this?

Top 10 eCommerce Websites (traffic)

4 of them are outside of the USA

Taobao – 601 m UU/mo
Alibaba – 107 m UU/mo
Alipay – 104 m UU/mo
Rakuten – 65 m UU/mo

Amazon & Alibaba Supremacy

Amazon and Alibaba will own 39% of the global online retail market in 2020.

Buyers preffer eCommerce rather than Sales Reps

A million B2B sales reps will lose their jobs to eCommerce by 2020.

Nearly 75% of B2B buyers say buying from an eCommerce site is more convenient that buying from a sales rep.

source: divante.co

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