Amazon Webstore Shuts Down. What Are The Alternatives? Amazon Webstore Shuts Down. What Are The Alternatives?

Amazon is without doubt one of the biggest names in retail business. Nonetheless, it didn’t manage to succeed in the eCommerce platform business. Therefore, it has been announced that Amazon’s Webstore will be closed starting July 2016. This means that its users will be searching for a new platform that can host their stores.

Amazon sent its customers e-mails explaining the situation: “Please make sure you secure all relevant data from your Webstore by July 1, 2016, as you will not have access to Amazon Webstore content or features after this date. Amazon Webstore’s data export features can be used for this purpose as you migrate to a new platform.”

The platform was launched in 2010, having a life span of approximately 6 years.

Some of the options for the ex-users of Amazon Webstore would be: Magento, Shopify, Volusion.

Magento is one of the most if not the most popular platform of eCommerce at this time and can easily represent a smart choice in replacing Amazon Webstore. It is an open source platform that best fits the needs of big online magento-logo (4)stores. It is also available for free, having a lot of features and details that serve for the building of an exceptional site. Also, the very large number of modules allows the owner to customize the website as he wishes. Magento represents a strong and stable platform, thus ensuring that the user’s interests are being protected.

Another advantage of this eCommerce platform is that it is being constantly updated by designers and the SEO is very strong, helping with the store’s online reputation. Magento is the most used eCommerce platform, having a big community behind it. This means that users have a lot of resources to work their best.

Magento also is also integrated with many different payment gateways, such as PayPal.shopify-bag

Shopify is another solution for owners of online stores. This is a hosted one and it is very easy to set up, being used mostly by small retailers and startup businesses. Another plus for this platform is the fact that they have a 24×7 support center for their costumers to have their problems handled at all time.

Volusion is a self-hosted platform with plenty of experience in the eCommerce business, having appeared in the year 1999. This might represent another viable solution for online store owners bnr-volusionlooking to replace Amazon Webstore.

All in all, the insuccess of Amazon’s eCommerce platform doesn’t mean that its users should panic. They have plenty of options to choose from. We have provided the options that we feel are the most suitable for an online store owner.


Feel free to share with us in the comments section what other eCommerce platforms are good for online businesses!  

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