Are Polish IT companies ready for Western clients? Are Polish IT companies ready for Western clients?

Research conducted by OBOAK shows that 4 out of 10 Polish IT companies are ready for clients from the West. The research was conducted in October 2015 on 19 Polish IT software houses specializing in implementation of eCommerce solutions.

About the research

The research was conducted in the formula of secret customer and involved 19 IT companies – eCommerce integrators. The research focused on communication and information in foreign languages, especially English, social media and contact via e-mail and phone. It also involved work methodology and payments methods – Fixed Prices vs. Time and Material.

Only 25% of the companies in the research have their websites in English and some of them contain much less information than the Polish version or some of their infographics are left in Polish untranslated.

Just 2 out of 19 companies maintain regular communication in social media in English. Most often it’s Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Most just don’t create any content in English except for blogs which are conducted often exclusively in the foreign language – in 17% of cases.

Direct contact has proved very effective and fluent. First comprehensive answer for an offer request in English, was sent within 13 minutes, and the second in 29 minutes. In total 38% of the companies reacted within the first working day and the answers were in excellent English. 5% included additional information, portfolio of clients and projects also in English.

Very easy phone contact

It’s been very easy to communicate in English over the phone. In 69% of cases the phone was answered by a person speaking fluent English or at least communicatively. In some cases the phone was passed over to another person but the communication was possible.

There is not much knowledge about work methodologies used in the West and less companies that offer Time and Material payments. Polish companies are very much used to Fixed Price following Polish clients preferences. However around 32% of the companies know these methodologies and around 25% offered both payment methods as possible.

We can see a trend of coming out and serching for international clients among Polish IT companies eCommerce integrators – says Paweł Biliński UX manager in Lizard Media. It’s connected with much higher rates for the same level of expertise – explains Paweł Biliński.

Among IT companies in the West there is a common conception that Polish companies are much cheaper while offering similar quality. Chinese or Indian competition is considerably cheaper but the quality is much more unpredictable and not everyone can risk that.

The most common advice on how to cooperate with Polish IT companies is to outsource development and control input in design, as it may differ from western esthetics.

The report of Antal International “IT market in Poland” from 2013 states that Polish IT professionals:

·  are still slightly cheaper than those in the West

·  possess specific skills in IT

·  get strongly involved in their projects

·  still treat their work as their passion

·  work from a geographical location that allows easy communication with external clients

·  work within time zone that allows communication during office hours for companies in the Western Europe

·  share a lot of cultural similarities with the West

Antal report doesn’t mention foreign languages communication at all, perhaps because it’s no longer any issue.

OBOAK research shows that in direct contact with foreign companies, Polish IT firms communicate in English quite freely. However, they still feed social media with content in a foreign language quite seldom and only sometimes create a website in English.

I think that Polish IT companies are much better than their image on the Internet – says Marcin Wieczorek, Design Manager in Lizard Media. In a number of small companies there is a fear of the first project with a foreign client. In most cases it’s just irrational – says Marcin Wieczorek.

The research initiators, Lizard Media – medium size IT company from Poland – want to promote Polish IT companies in the West and encourage them to engage in international IT market. Lizard Media wants to popularize the image of Polish IT specialists as engaged, reliable professionals.

We can see the potential of Polish companies on the global market. They have brilliant ideas, they solve problems and invest solutions. What they need is courage and money to reach out for international clients – says Paweł Biliński.

One of the ideas is to maintain publicity in western media about Polish IT professionals to promote particular companies and general image as such.


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