Be part of the Meet Magento World! Be part of the Meet Magento World!

You are an online merchant using Magento for your business or want to use it in future? Perfect! Then read the following post about what Meet Magento Association is offering to you to improve your business and advance growth.

Right at the start – in case you didn’t know yet: The Meet Magento Association is the umbrella organisation uniting the whole Magento ecosystem as well as Meet Magento events all over the world (proud that we’re already holding events in about 24 countries). As non-profit organisation we’re open for companies that are already using Magento for their business or plan to use it in future. Since 2009 we have staged Meet Magento events and gained more and more importance in Magento and e-commerce environment across the globe. We use this market power to help merchants in their daily business and to introduce them into our global network.

How are we supporting you?

↠ You have a specific problem with your Magento application and need fast-track aid?
We’re sure that you already know about the announcement of the official partnership with Magento Inc. that implicated a new and strengthened position of the MMA in the ecosystem. It goes without saying that we help you in case of questions to get in contact with the right person out of the German Magento team to solve your specific problem.

↠ You are looking for a reliable partner/agency to develop and implement your market growing plans?
With our agency partnership program we won many agencies to become a part of the Meet Magento community. With almost all of our partners we maintain a personal relationship. So we can guarantee to help you finding the perfect agency for your business.
Some of Magento merchants already found their perfect agency. This was demonstrated at this year’s Meet Magento Germany. For the first time we honored the best Magento online shop regarding design & usability with the Meet Magento Award. On second conference day the three best Magento shops were presented to the attendees of the event. To get nominated for the Meet Magento Award 2017 it is required that you are a Meet Magento Association member.

↠ A security check up for your web shop is overdue?
As a member of the MMA community you’ll get a free check of your webshop regarding bugs and security leaks. We can provide you with some basic information how to fix risky shops, and connect you to professionals who know way better how to support you and your business in this case. Depending on the membership type, there are free support hours or special prices included in case one of our partner agencies is helping you to fix your problem. If you’re using one of our Localized Magento Editions and need further help, our partners are ready to support you as most of them built up the LME themselves and know it by heart.

↠ Sometimes feel left alone in legal questions?
One of our main partners is the German Händlerbund – an association that dedicates to legal support of online business. As our support member, you can get a trial membership for the Händlerbund for about 3 months. So, if you need further help regarding legal questions, this can be a great opportunity to solve them. After three months you can set your mind whether you want to become a member of the Händlerbund.

Membership of Meet Magento Association
This blog post sums up the benefits we want to provide to Magento merchants. So, have a look at the following table that displays both the basic and support membership and the advantages you get by being a MMA member – in addition to the benefits that were already mentioned.

Components Basic Membership (free) Support Membership (€99)
Access to exclusive Members area haken_orange haken_orange
Badge Member of Meet Magento Association for own use haken_orange haken_orange
Monthly Newsletter with important Magento updates haken_orange haken_orange
Security Check of your Online Store haken_orange haken_orange
Magento Support – Two Support hours for free (per year) haken_orange
Pay as you go Magento Support (€60/hour) haken_orange
Exclusive Offers (e.g. Security Update for €600) haken_orange
3 free testing months for Händlerbund haken_orange
10% discount on Meet Magento Germany tickets haken_orange
Opportunity to apply for the Meet Magento Award (Best Magento Shop 2016) haken_orange haken_orange

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