Better Together: Exit Intent and Email Marketing Better Together: Exit Intent and Email Marketing

Using MaxTraffic with Email Marketing Tools Amplifies Results

On their own, french fries are a great, delicious snack.

But when you pair them with a hamburger? Suddenly that snack becomes the perfect side dish for your favorite summer meal. Without question, those two foods are better together.

The same can be said for email marketing. By itself, it is an effective tool for driving traffic to your online retail site and building customer relationships. But when you pair it with the lead generating capabilities of network marketing? Then, it becomes a true force to be reckoned with.


What makes these two tools so powerful together?

A good email marketing service like MailChimp ( or Mailigen ( provides an adrenaline boost for your advertising efforts. With the right planning, you can automate everything from marketing campaigns to customer service replies. And like many other online retail tools, you can maximize the effects of your decisions with the help of advanced analytical tracking.

But while Mailigen and MailChimp provide you with the resources for contacting your subscriber list, you first have to actually find subscribers. This is where Exit Intent technology comes in.

Exit Intent campaigns, like those offered by MaxTraffic (, are a proven resource for building newsletter subscription lists and finding actionable sales leads. By engaging with customers who have already made the decision to visit your online retail site, Exit Intent popups ensure that you are making the most out of visitors who have already established interest in your product or service.


An incentivized popup for information capture

The custom campaign creation platform offered by MaxTraffic gives you the opportunity to craft the most compelling advertisement possible for your list-building efforts. It’s up to you whether you want to make a special offer to entice your visitors; some best practices for building your subscription list follow at the end of this post.


Specific Integrations

Recently, MaxTraffic launched specific, tailored integrations for both MailChimp and Mailigen ( With so much forethought going into the preparation for these collaborations, you can imagine the potential results offered by these combinations. According to recent client results, subscription rates double as soon as the option to sign up is included in an Exit Intent overlay.

While detailed information can be found in a recent MaxTraffic blog post (, the premise is simple. After signing up for a 14-day Free Trial of MaxTraffic, you can enter the API Key for your MailChimp or Mailigen account directly into your MaxTraffic settings. From that point on, you can choose to add respondents from your Exit Intent campaigns to your email marketing subscription lists. It’s as easy as that!


Best practices

In some cases, getting a visitor to enter their email address in an Exit Intent advertisement is as simple as making the option available. Presenting a visually-appealing overlay with a form for entering contact information typically yields a noticeable increase in subscription rate.

However, to grease the skids for your email marketing campaign, it is recommended to attach some sort of incentive to the information capture. Consider offering an immediate discount, in which a secret code is revealed once the visitor has entered their email address.

An even more effective strategy is to promise future incentives in the upcoming email newsletter. With this strategy, you build enthusiasm for the newsletter itself, increasing the likelihood that the visitor will actually read and engage with the email marketing campaign. They get long-term discounts, you get a loyal customer. Everybody wins!

Christopher Walsh is a writer for MaxTraffic (, a leading tech startup focused on Exit Intent technology.

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