There are millions of brilliant ideas to start-up a business. It is equally challenging to choose the best idea that will work for you. Perhaps it would be best to establish a business where you are comfortable with. It might be a business idea you came up with based on your favorite hobby or passion. It could also be an idea you have came up with based on your skill sets or available resources. You have to think long term into the business so you have to put all your energy and dedication into it. Most start-up businesses fail due to lack of preparation and getting into it half-heartedly.

To make sure this is the right kind of business for you, you have to define your purpose. We all go into business to make money and that’s for sure. But is there a secondary purpose on why you are starting your business? Ask yourself if you are putting up your business because you want to resolve a common problem or fill in a need.  This and more are ways to validate your business startup idea.

If you have a brilliant idea for a startup business, think about tapping into your possible market. Do you have a product that appeals to a certain age group? Then maybe you would want to create a survey that will reach out to this particular set of people. They can provide you the information you need to determine if this type of business is worth pursuing.

There are several ways to create and send out a survey. The infographic below will give you details on how you can effectively reach out to your prospective market. This will be very helpful in validating your business ideas.

How To Create Headlines That Get More Clicks and Conversions

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Global e-commerce facts

Global e-commerce facts

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How Cryptocurrency is Changing the Future of Payments


Since its inception, cryptocurrency is consistently growing and advancing in the financial world. The creators of BitCoin® introduced cryptocurrency to the world in October 2008. It released as open-source software in 2009 and is presently primed to be the future of global payment systems. Forms of cryptocurrency such as BitCoin® and others are revolutionary because they are a means of payment accepted by legal persons and can be transferred, stored, or traded electronically. This removes customary impediments to commerce and as a result, it has members of worldwide financial institutions concerned about the strength of their collective grip on the payments industry. The European Banking Authority describes cryptocurrency as a digital representation of worth, not distributed by a central bank or a public authority and not attached to a fiat currency. The United States Government has implemented the inaccurate term “virtual currency” to describe all forms of cryptocurrency. In recent years, cryptocurrency changed from a fringe financial fad to a global force and a legitimate game changer in future of payments.
One only need to look at the impact cryptocurrency creates among traditional financial institutions and world governments to see that the new way to pay is not a passing trend. Its recent acceptance by institutions such as NASDAQ, BBVA, USAA, and NYSE Euronext is a prime example of cryptocurrency acceptance as is the move by the United States Internal Revenue Service which makes BitCoin® and other new forms of digital currency taxable via the capital gains tax by labeling cryptocurrency property. Other world governments have put measures in place to make the use of cryptocurrency difficult or even illegal. Vietnam outlawed the use of cryptocurrency. Strict regulations are also in place to discourage use of digital currency. China has barred monetary establishments from using cryptocurrency. Russia contends that cryptocurrency is legal, yet all acquisitions made with currency other than Russian rubles are illegal.

The independence from traditional financial institutions and their subsequent fees and regulations is just one of the ways cryptocurrency is changing the future of payments. As a self-directed source of financial management, digital currency gives users a safe place for financial holdings. Those who use cryptocurrency are free from the interest rates, and fees charged by financial entities; digital currency also shields from inflation rates and arbitrary freezing or garnishment. Growing evidence points to the false notion that banks and other financial institutions are above reproach; distrust of these industries creates a climate that is ideal for the rise of additional options like Bitcoin® and other newer forms of cryptocurrency.

Safety is an ever-present concern in financial circles and cryptocurrency exists as a secure way to manage finances. Security and trust are what cryptocurrency is based upon. The innovative computer code and the shared work of millions of individuals who confirm the transactions make it possible to have security without excessive oversight. The system operates on blockchain technology making it connected, peer-to-peer, and open sourced. The exclusive cryptography behind blockchain and cryptocurrency expand the use of digital currency by making it a secure format. In order to hack into a part of the block chain, the entire chain all the way back to its point of origin must be hacked. This is essentially impossible to accomplish without detection.

Cryptocurrency is a highly accessible means of payment. Sectors given the highest level of priority and development are the areas of wholesale and retail payment processing. To be a part of a cryptocurrency account, all an individual requires is access to a mobile phone or the internet; consistent growth in technology and connectivity make this more attainable than ever. This significantly levels the financial playing field for the estimated 2.2 billion people who have no access to financial exchanges yet have access to the internet or a cellular device.

Cryptocurrency is still a new and somewhat unfamiliar means of payment; however, in the present financial climate, a payment system that allows users to bypass the large financial institutions is encouraging. It is important to note that cryptocurrency must receive worldwide exposure to gain acceptance on a larger scale. There is still progress and education needed, but cryptocurrency is already changing the future of payments.

Brad K. Russell is an entrepreneur and marketing expert based in Perth, Australia. He is the Founder and Owner of IsaTonic, the #1 distributor of Isagenix products in Australia. Find more information about Brad at his personal website,, or about IsaTonic at

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Marketing Automation infographic

The infographic explains the reasons behind the success of Marketing Automation software in a fun and informative way containing very interesting facts and figures.


An article brought to you by Anna Loimusalo, Digital Marketing Manager at

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Future shopping experience – Amazon GO

Amazon is again one step forward in innovation at the border between traditional shopping and online shopping. The world’s most advanced shopping experience is here and it’s just a matter of time until big retailers will adopt it.

With the help of technologies used in self-driving cars like computer vision, sensor fusion and deep learning Amazon created the most rapid shopping experience everyone dreamed of.

The Just Walk Out technology performs facial recognition at entering the shop, detects when products are taken from or returned to the shelves and keeps track of them in a virtual cart.

The customers Amazon account is charged after he leaves the shop and a receipt is issued for the purchase. All is needed is an Amazon account, a smartphone and the free Amazon Go app.

This is for the moment just a proof of concept in it’s beta version implemented for an Amazon Go shop in Seattle, Washington and is accessible only for Amazon employees.

2017 is announced to be the year they will open to the public and after observing customers behaviour they will open new shops all over the world.

In perspective it will probably take 1-2 years to have this more extended but taking into account the velocity with which technology evolves the future is promising, at least with regards to our day to day shopping experience.


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E-Commerce Forum Karlsruhe with Magento, Spryker, SAP Hybris and Oxid

Meet Magento Association partner Flagbit is breaking new grounds with the 27th edition of E-Commerce Forum Karlsruhe on November 10, 2016. After the attendee numbers increased during the past years, the Forum will take place at a new location for the first time: the Alte Färberei (event hall) of the Kesselhaus, directly located near the Flagbit HQ. Such big scope deserves big speakers and a great topics: Ben Marks (Magento Community Evangelist) is coming from the US, Moritz Zimmermann (Board of Directors SAP Hybris) from Munich, Pierluigi Meloni (Product Manager Oxid) from Freiburg and Boris Lokschin (CEO Spryker) from Berlin. Together with Michael Türk (Key Account Manager Flagbit), they’re creating the E-Commerce Forum Karlsruhe with sessions and panels regarding “Future of E-Commerce – between disruption and evolution“.

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Welcome to Meet Magento Fall – Part II.

We are sure that you had a great time at Meet Magento New York. Another 3 Meet Magento events are waiting for you in the end of October. Argentina, Spain and Romania are our next stops. Are you with us?

On the 21st of October the second edition of Meet Magento Argentina is taking place in Buenos Aires. The first conference in 2015 surpassed all expectations with over than 350 attendees and high performance level. This year our local organizer, Summa Solutions, is expecting to host even larger number of participants. That is why was chosen the new stunning venue – Golden Center, located within a green area and ready to welcome all our attendees.

The agenda is divided into 2 tracks: for developers and merchants. The main focus will be on Magento 2.0 and its applying. Among our speakers you can find Aldo Bressan, Summa  Solutions, Sherrie Rohde, Magento Inc., also Damián Culotta will share his experience in developers room.

Agenda isn’t  finalized yet, but we are sure that you can expect a great number of interesting talks and of course a lot of networking.

You can still join to MM16AR and visit a great city Buenos Aires. Tickets are available at the price of approx. 127$ (1.500 ARS).

Our next event on the 25th of October will be hold in the heart of beautiful Madrid. This year Meet Magento Spain is focusing on merchants and trending eCommerce practices, as well as their application in Magento.

The Agenda is full with interesting talks as well as with Workshops from the leading Magento experts. Just look at our speakers: Thomas Goletz, Meet Magento Association, Ignacio Riesco, Interactiv4, Ben Marks, Magento Inc., Enrique Barreira, Dufry Group, Stefano Lena, Contactlab, the list is endless and all of them will wait for you in the Main Conference Room.

The Workshop room will blow your mind by our best Magento experts. Ray Bogman, known as Magento Doctor, Talesh Seeparsan, Bit79, Bartek Igielski, Snowdog, Peter Jaap Blaakmeet, Elgentos Ecommerce Solutions and many others will give their workshop at MM16ES.

Something is telling me that you are already booking your ticket. And your wish to join will be even bigger  when you will find out about our venue – spectacular Teatro Goya. It`s the second time when Teatro Goya will host Meet Magento Spain, last year all our attendees were impressed by this unique and exclusive place. Many thanks to our local organizer Interactiv4 for making this event unforgettable from year to year.

We have two types of tickets which you can still can buy: Full Pass (Conference + Workshops) for €250 and Conference Pass for €100. And great news for merchants, they can have a free entrance at MM16ES, all is required for this is just to fill our form.

Romania will close our October session on the 28th & 29th of October in Cluj-Napoca. Charming city with a major economic component and a valuable historical heritage is inviting all Magento community for the Meet Magento Romania 2016.

We have two conference days, 28th of October is completely dedicated to Business topics. Here you can expect to hear from  Vlad Stănescu – MindMagnet,  Thomas Goletz – Meet Magento Association, Jason Woosley – Magento Inc., Kuba Zwolinski – Snowdog.  At the end of first day of MM16RO all Magento folks are welcome to the famous After party in Euphoria Music Hall.

The second conference day, 29th of October is focusing on Developers. And you can find a lot Magento gurus in the speakers list. Ben Marks – Magento Inc., David Manners – Sitewards,  Anna Völk – E-conomix, Anton Kaplya – Magento Inc. , Miguel Balparda – Nexcess, Fabian Blechschmidt – Freelancer  – these only few of them. Want to know more?  Just check our agenda.

Our local organizer, MindMagnet, have done a great job and prepared a very saturated event for all attendees. The perfect venue – Grand Hotel Napoca, in the center of the city, from which you can easily reach all “must-see” spots in Cluj-Napoca.

There are two ticket options at MM16RO. You can buy a Regular Ticket at the price of €85, and you can buy Tickets in a Bulk (available for 4 persons) at the price of €85 each.

We hope you’ll enjoy spending time and networking at our fall events!

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Be part of the Meet Magento World!

You are an online merchant using Magento for your business or want to use it in future? Perfect! Then read the following post about what Meet Magento Association is offering to you to improve your business and advance growth.

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Developers Paradise Summer Edition 2017 is looking for a new location.

After one fantastic event came to the end, there is always starts preparation for the next. Only one week ago, the entire Magento community was in Leipzig at the annual Meet Magento DE event. Now the Meet Magento Association do not have time to sit still – not far off the new release of Developers Paradise Summer Edition.

Back to the origins.
As you already know the first summer edition of Developers Paradise was in 2010. This event was established for Magento community and completely focused on developers, developers, developers…
The very first event in Mallorca gathered about 100 international attendees. And for those who joined that was a really massive approach in networking, getting new knowledges and skills in Magento. Relaxed and friendly atmosphere, great people and “lots of code and fun in the sun” – these are main reasons why people from all over the world attend in  Developers Paradise.


Next events in 2011 in Ibiza and in 2012 in Mallorca as well, brought more than 120 attendees each from over than 20 countries and it was clear that event should be annual.
Developers Paradise has become a legendary and must-visit event for entire Magento community. Netresearch App Factory was the main organizer and inspirer of all events.


What has changed?
In 2016 our croatian partner Inchoo took an initiative to become the host and the main organizer of Developers Paradise Summer Edition. New place, new organizer, new agenda, new goals plus an old motto 🙂 should have been like a new breath for those, who attend in the conference each year. But even we did not expect such success.
Inchoo made their best to attract best speakers with hot topics into Opatija. The agenda was very saturated, the location is perfect and each announcement of the upcoming Developers Paradise 2016 day by day convinced #RealMagentoFolks that they just cannot miss it.


They did it!
And just like that Inchooers set a new record with 235 delegates from over 30 countries. And that was not just “european event”, New Zealand, Canada, USA, Australia also sent their representatives to Developers Paradise this year. 23 speakers had their sessions on the Developers’ Paradise stage, among them two Magento 2 Core Team members and one Magento Evangelist (of course, without Ben Marks it is not a Magento event). Inchoo fully loaded those 4 days with community activities: Workshops, Hackathon, Magerun and in best tradition of Developers Paradise –  party everyday. Even bad weather could not stop them to make this event epic.


Developers paradise 2017 – who is next?
After Inchoo’s great success we decided to look for new organizer and new location every year. We believe that international approach and support of our partners can help to make Developers Paradise better and better from year to year. That’s why we are open for your proposals and looking forward for the next Developers Paradise. Are you ready to accept this challenge and to host all Magento community? If that`s so you should definitely apply by sending a request to or directly to Annemarie Hache, Meet Magento Association, Marketing & Events.
See you in 2017!

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Dead: Shopping Malls – Alive: Shopping Malls go Digital

In the United States, many shopping malls are dying or dead. The numbers are devastating. Europe has followed the trend and must also deal with threat similar the US.

Then there is Amazon, the major threat to any kind of shopping mall or brick-and-mortar bookshops.

And most of us are thinking: “What the . . .?”

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