Developers Paradise 2016 – new record!

Last week was packed with knowledge and fun – all revolving around one event in particular – Developers Paradise.

This years edition was hosted by Inchoo and it took place in Opatija from 25th to 28th of April. From what we hear, they did an amazing job with creating an interesting agenda, choosing the right location and spicing the event up with 3 different parties!

But, first things first!

Developers Paradise got its revamp after 2 year break – last edition was in 2014 in Mallorca. Compared to that, this one got upscaled to 235 people from 30 different countries spreading over 4 continents!

As Inchooers said: “We could have organized it amazingly ourselves, but it’s the delegates who brought it up to this superb level!”


Or, in the words of Gabriel Somoza: “It’s a community that makes it a paradise.” Later, that was the opening line of Tomislav Bilic, CEO of Inchoo, who used it as a leverage for bad weather. We hear that was one of the rare things Inchooers had no influence on when it comes to organizing the event to tiniest details. 😉

Indeed, weather seemed the least important. Why? Well, if you take a closer look at the agenda, you’ll be able to notice that it was packed with interesting sessions – almost to the point where no one even noticed the weather.


This year’s DevParadise hosted not only experts and enthusiasts, but also two Magento 2 core team members. They later commented that they learned some things regarding Magento 2 during the conference, and when you hear a Magento lead architect say that – you know it was an experience you wouldn’t want to miss next time around!

If you add a hackathon, Magento 2 workshop, and a MageRun into the combination, it is more than obvious guys had lots of “code and fun (in the sun?)” 🙂

For those of you who didn’t attend the conference, Inchoo is working on prepping the pictures – you’ll be able to enjoy a glimpse of the atmosphere by at least browsing through them.

See you at the next edition? We sure hope so!

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