Meet Magento Association at the CMS Africa Summit 2017.

During the past few years Africa has become a fast growing e-commerce market and turned into a very attractive stage for the biggest worldwide corporations and investments.

Such companies as Uber and Facebook have already their presence at the continent. Amazon and Alibaba are planning to enter the Africa`s market in the nearest future. And this interest is not a surprise. Africa is the world’s second-most-populous continent, which offers new business opportunities for online merchants and agencies. Experts predict that by 2025 Africans could be buying seventy-five billion dollars worth of goods and services online annually.

The biggest open source and e-commerce event in Africa – CMS Africa Summit will be held in Abuja, Nigeria on the 3rd and 4th March 2017. And we are proud to announce that the Vice President of Meet Magento Association, Kuba Zwolinski, is going to represent the Association at the event. Kuba, as one of the speakers, will have his talk on the topic: “ Meet Magento – open source that’s changing the world… of commerce”.

We had a chance to ask Kuba a few questions regarding his attendance at the conference:

You are attending CMS Africa Summit as Vice-President of Meet Magento Association. What are your goals and expectations from the conference?

It’s a great way to understand e-commerce boom in African countries and corresponding challenges and opportunities. Hopefully I can also increase interest in open source solutions with Magento as an excellent tool for building startup business. It may be opportunity for both merchants and developers to expand cross-border business.

How would you evaluate an e-commerce market in Africa? In your opinion what are its distinguishing features?

E-commerce is definitely booming in Africa. It brings amazing economic impact but also is connected with many challenges – frauds, distrust, infrastructure, logistics and maybe most important, literacy rate.

For sure mobile & marketplaces are keywords for the region e-business. “Mobile first” is not only a marketing term there, it’s actual situation. Not everyone has a laptop/desktop but most of people there have mobile phones and are used to do everything from the phone. Marketplaces are located in every aspects of African economy – markets are everywhere and everyone is selling something. Digital marketplaces are natural continuation however they have to face a lot of challenges and competition from less official sellers.

How do you think can we expect for the Meet Magento Africa in the nearest future?

Meet Magento was always the best way to help developers and merchants in emerging markets to share knowledge, grow their business and build something great together. It will take some time and effort but it would be great to see vibrant and active Magento community in Nigeria or other African countries.

Exploring new opportunities, markets and communities  always was one of the main aims of Meet Magento events. Meet Magento already has its events in more than 40 countries. We believe that year by year our communities in each country are growing, interest for events is increasing and such countries as Nigeria will join to our big family.

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Meet the biggest Names of E-Commerce in Berlin!

The biggest names of e-commerce will meet at E-Commerce Berlin Expo on February 2. The event will host a range of top representatives of the main e-commerce companies worldwide. Pro tipp: Listen to Karl Wehner from Alibaba Group talking about the international expansion on the Eastern markets.

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Magento Case Study: Still at the Helm

Shop relaunch: imcopex sets the course for the future with Meet Magento Association partner atlantis media.

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What is special about Meet Magento?

2017 will be an exciting year for Meet Magento, as the event series will enter again new countries. We are happy to welcome Belgium, Croatia and Dubai to the Meet Magento family and there is even more to come.

So when you read this and you have never been to an Meet Magento event before you maybe ask yourself “What the hell is so special about this Magento conference?”. We asked some of our partners who are organizing Meet Magento events in their countries and put their answers into a short video. Enjoy watching and we hope to see you at one of our upcoming events!

Check out also the full interviews with some of our organizers – with some interesting insights about Magento eCommerce in their markets.

Meet Magento Argentina (Summa Solutions)
Meet Magento Belgium (BeCommunity)
Meet Magento Croatia (Inchoo)
Meet Magento Dubai (Redbox Digital)
Meet Magento Germany (Meet Magento Association)
Meet Magento Greece (Converge)
Meet Magento Indonesia (icube)
Meet Magento Romania (MindMagnet)
Meet Magento Serbia (Younify)
Meet Magento Sweden (Nordic Web Team)
Meet Magento Switzerland (Diglin)

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Top German eCommerce events 2017

The year 2016 is almost over and most companies are planning their event and marketing roadmap for 2017. With this blog we want to give an overview on the most important eCommerce events in Germany in 2017.

E-Commerce Berlin Expo on 2nd of February in Berlin
13. Online-Handel 2017 on 7th & 8th of February in Berlin
MageUC on 4th & 5th of March in Cologne
Internet World on 7th & 8th of March in Munich
eTail Germany on 14th & 15th of March in Berlin
Handelskraft Conference on 23rd of March in Leipzig
CeBIT from 20th to 24th of March in Hannover
Republica from 8th to 10th of May in Berlin
Meet Magento Germany from 22nd to 23rd of May in Leipzig
K5 Conference from 22nd to 23rd of June in Berlin
Meet Magento World from 11th to 13th of July (online)
dmexco from 13th to 14th of September in Cologne
Bits & Pretzels from 24th to 26th of September in Munich

Furthermore all Magento enthusiasts should also keep in mind the Magento Imagine Conference from 3rd to 5th of April. For an overview of all Meet Magento events in 2016 please check out our Events Section. Also very useful is this Google Calendar created by Simon Sprankel with all Magento events worldwide (if something is missing just drop an email)

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“Shop the Look” – Visual Merchandising with Magento

Magento agency and Meet Magento Association partner TUDOCK developed a Magento module for visual merchandising.

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What do customers expect when it comes to online purchases?

Which is the personalization level expected by consumers? Do brands instill the “luxury feeling” during the entire purchase process?

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Meet Magento World moved to July

Based on feedback from our loving and enormously involved community, we are moving our event to July 11-13, 2017 to be able to better prepare and fine tune this new online conference.
Main values for any Meet Magento are meeting, learning and connecting. We are connected to a global Magento community that reflects on our ideas, organization, products and events.

Meet Magento is also about experiments, trying new formats and reaching that next frontier. Sometimes it works out really good, sometimes you need to re-think. When initiating Meet Magento World we wanted to have this conference as the last major Magento event of the year and accepted to have only a few months left for preparation. Since the announcement, the community feedback for the Meet Magento World format is tremendously exciting. From all over the world people interested in Magento or E-commerce approached us.

But today we have to admit that it was too short to get all aspects from format, content, communication and love in one line and to take all of the community feedback into account. We have learnt a lot during the last 10 weeks on how to improve our initial Meet Magento World format. To organize the global scale and live up to the expectations we need a bit more time, involve more partners and fine-tune the format. Therefore we decided to move Meet Magento World to July next year.

One example is that we didn’t expect such high interest for companies that wanted to host a local viewing location. Something we really want to support since it is right in line with the “Meet” and “Connect” part of our values. But it also requires extra time and coordination to get everything in line with the rest of the organization. We will also look into adding more workshops, make it more accessible and rethink our pricing structure to accommodate for a broader community.

We will be in touch with everyone that bought a ticket for any reimbursement if they want it and coordinate new planning with all our partners. We invite you, our partner / sponsor / community member to think with us about the format and if you would like to help in our organization, you can use this form to apply. We would love to hear your feedback/suggestions.

One thing that we can announce for our 2017 edition is Magento Inc. as an official supporter. Of course we are already collaborating with Magento on many things, but it is great to also have them on board as one of the main partners of our event.

We are on our way to an incredible Meet Magento World event, fitting to the community that we are. Based on your feedback we know you will understand our decision for moving the event and look forward to even more of your help and support to make this an awesome event.

We are Magento.

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Meet Magento World – join your local community.

The main concern about attending an online conference is that you are not able to meet with people live or face to face. From our side we did our best, so you guys can meet, chat and network online on 6-8 December at the first online conference Meet Magento World 2016.

But we have great news for those who really want to spend these 3 days among their Magento friends and co-workers. You can join your local community and watch Meet Magento World together at our special Viewing Spots. Some of our partners and sponsors have already supported us in organizing these spots and we are sure that other partners will join soon.

What you can expect from MM16WOLRD Viewing Spots ?

First, we will give you a discount on our Regular Tickets, if you want to watch conference at  the local spot you can buy your ticket at the price of $200, instead of $300. Not bad, eh? All you need to do is to send an email to and we will provide you the ticket link!

Of course our organizers will take care about the comfortable area for watching Meet Magento World broadcasting. Snacks, drinks, the one and only meet magento spirit, friendly atmosphere and who knows what else 🙂 – are waiting for you!

You’ll be able to meet with others live, your magento friends and people who just want to become a part of community will be there to share this event with you.

Why this initiative is important for our organizers and for attendees as well?

Once you were a host of Meet Magento event, you’ll never miss a chance to do it once again. To take part in new activities always was the hallmark of the Magento Community and we are highly appreciate our partners for their support.

“As there was no plan for a Meet Magento Switzerland this year, I decided to organize a local viewing in Zürich of the Meet Magento World. It will take place on 7th December at the Coworking Citizen Space. We would like to provide a different approach and opportunity to the people to meet and share each other about Magento. The idea behind is to give access to a one day event and giving to the attendees the chance to ask questions and share experience directly with the other attendees. Like the Meet Magento World event itself, it’s the first time we do that, so we hope that the idea will be welcome and will attract few people. By taking a ticket, the attendees can also watch the conference online the day before and after the local viewing date.”

Sylvain Rayé, Founder at Diglin GmbH

“We love Magento community and will be happy to host other developers and Magento users who want to attend the conference together in our venue.  It’s unique way to organize local 3-days long meet-up to discuss all types of Magento ideas and experiences between daily work.”

Kuba Zwolinski, Founder at Snowdog

Become a Viewing Spot for your local community

We are open to add more viewing spots on the Meet Magento World map. If you feel that this is going to be awesome 3 days (as we do) and you are able to provide a great viewing location for your local community – just contact Annemarie Hache, Marketing & Events at Meet Magento Association. We will provide you with the information, tips and tricks you need to make an awesome event.

“It’s a big honor to be a part of the greatest eCommerce community in the world. The main power of Magento ecosystem is in collaboration between magento developers, experts and evangelists. We’re struggling to improve networking in Ukrainian Magento community. So we decided to become a watching spot for Meet Magento World – the first online Magento conference. Such format saves time and travel costs but it has restrictions related to communication. In our comfortable space you can watch the conference in real-time during all 3 days with Magento friends.”

Sergey Lysak, CEO at Eltrino

We believe that the Magento Community is always open to new experiences and opportunities. And we are aiming to use all possible approaches to deliver you only benefits from your participation. So it`s up to you whether you want to experience Meet Magento World at home sitting in your comfortable couch, in the office with your colleagues, or to join a local community and to share this event with them. No matter what you choose, you can expect a massive Meet Magento effect which is always accompanies all our events.

Check out the VIEWING SPOT MAP here >>

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Meet Magento World 2016 – Navigation Tour

Only one month left to the first online conference Meet Magento World 2016. As you already know our virtual conference is aim to gather developers, merchants, Magento experts and true eCommerce gurus from all over the World in one place – at our online broadcasting channel.

Now we want to navigate you at our virtual venue, so all our attendees can be sure that an online conference is not inferior to our live events.  

So, let’s take a look a bit inside #MM16WORLD.

Снимок экрана 2016-10-28 в 15.15.54

All participants after they logged in will enter the Foyer, where they can watch a small video tutorial, which is explaining how the virtual platform is working. Also here you can see the navigation bar, so you can get access to the Information desk, Exhibition Hall and Auditorium.

You are able to see the number of attendees and can also connect with every attendee via chat. Every attendee has an virtual business card which can be handed over in chats.

And good news for our partners, each of you can have a virtual booth with even more features than the real one. At the Exhibition Hall attendees can choose a booth which they want to visit and have a chat with representatives of the company.

Every exhibitor can deliver a video of his company which is played automatically when you visit the stand. Also our participants can download flyers and other information at each stand. In case just chat is not enough participants can use video meeting groups for one to one or group meetings.

Снимок экрана 2016-11-01 в 14.48.51

At the Auditorium you are able to watch our live video sessions, you can decide whether you want to pay more attention to the presentation or to the speaker, these screens are configurable for you needs.

During live panels there is also available chat room where you can discuss with others participants current session. After their sessions our speakers will be able to answer all your questions in the Networking Lounge. In case you need support or help you can appeal to the Information desk.


This just a small tour guide to Meet Magento World 2016. We hope you’ll enjoy your participation and new experience. If you are excited about our first upcoming online conference as much as we are – there are still tickets available for you.

The Regular ticket gives you access to the live event. You can follow all the sessions live at the time displayed in the program. The Regular ticket + Video Copy gives you the extra possibility to download the video recordings and extra materials that will be published after the event. So go ahead and get yours!

Three days full of networking, over than 50 totally new sessions from the best speakers, chance to present you company worldwide and to discuss eCommerce trends with experts from different industries.

6 to 8 December 2016 Meet Magento World – you just cannot miss it!

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