Difficult Situations: My Store Doesn’t Sell Difficult Situations: My Store Doesn’t Sell

I have decided to describe the most interesting problems we solved for our clients compiled in the ‘Difficult situations’ series.

The initial state

A client had launched an online store and an intense marketing campaign but after a few months the store stopped selling almost completely. Despite high costs of IT and advertising the sales were minimal.


We carried out quick tests to detect bottlenecks in the sales process.


We have implemented a series of tests based on the study of real customer behavior.


We have talked with real cutomers via Livechat to understand what they were missing in product descriptions and what kind of concerns they had the purchasing process. The customers had a number of concerns connetced with product descriptions not being precise enough.


We have implemented a datafeed mechanism to test various pricing strategies in different comparison sites. It turned out that part of the offer is sold too expensive and the prices have to be cut to attract customers.

A/B tests

We have implemented the A/B tests for alternative product descriptions. More descriptive and better formatted product descriptions generated conversions higher by several dozen percent.


We have implemented a newsletter with onboarding program (a shopping voucher for signing up). Singing up for the newsletter andreceiving the connected prize was an impulse to buy in itself for many customers.


We have moved a part of the marketing budget towards ReMarketing to actively work on a once acquired user. Most of the users made their purchase only after 3 visits, some of them after 11.


The conclusion of the conducted tests were changes in the offer and the manner of its presentation, as well as stronger cooperation with already acquired users. The result of our work was the increase in sales after the first few weeks of work. The store achieved a positive ROI for its marketing efforts.

source: divante.co

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