E-Commerce Forum Karlsruhe with Magento, Spryker, SAP Hybris and Oxid E-Commerce Forum Karlsruhe with Magento, Spryker, SAP Hybris and Oxid

Meet Magento Association partner Flagbit is breaking new grounds with the 27th edition of E-Commerce Forum Karlsruhe on November 10, 2016. After the attendee numbers increased during the past years, the Forum will take place at a new location for the first time: the Alte Färberei (event hall) of the Kesselhaus, directly located near the Flagbit HQ. Such big scope deserves big speakers and a great topics: Ben Marks (Magento Community Evangelist) is coming from the US, Moritz Zimmermann (Board of Directors SAP Hybris) from Munich, Pierluigi Meloni (Product Manager Oxid) from Freiburg and Boris Lokschin (CEO Spryker) from Berlin. Together with Michael Türk (Key Account Manager Flagbit), they’re creating the E-Commerce Forum Karlsruhe with sessions and panels regarding “Future of E-Commerce – between disruption and evolution“.

The base – the e-commerce system

What does the e-commerce of the future look like? This question is in every decider’s mind, but real prognoses are rarely to be given. E-commerce growth is too complex, too fast moving and dynamical – and it will grow even faster. The role of shop systems changed, too, and will be changing in the future. Meanwhile, shop systems are the spine of an online shop. Without spine, the different pieces would fall apart, they would have no stability nor coherence and no base for a controlled growth. What has been ERP 15 years ago, around which all other systems were gathering, including the shop system, should today be the e-commerce system itself. It is the core of every IT infrastructure, to which all other third systems are connected – not only among online players. The shop software decides how flexible or agile a business model will be regarding present and future requirements. But this is one of the main sticking points.

Braced for the future – but how?

Before a merchant decides for a system, one should consider and define the system requirements, including future growth. But this produces further challenges affected by the technical progress and so called “disruptive“ business models within shorter time periods and shorter times of consolidation. According to e-commerce experts like Alain Veuve (AOE Media) and Alexander Graf (Kassenzone), we’re experiencing only the beginning of this development that will increasingly accelerate and produce new business and society models. This will burst and revolve outworn structures that have been grown over the past years. This does not only apply on B2C e-commerce. We are experiencing the slow awakening of B2B companies that made their way to digitalization which produces its own challenges. These revolutions will not only change the retail markets, but also society and politics.

How may you know which USP’s will be relevant in the future, if you cannot give prognoses regarding the next two years? Adaptability and innovation will be the main moving spirit for business models in retail. But for this, a flexible spine is needed with which innovation can get implemented on the market quickly.

Are we going in circles?

Are these fast revolutions making the requirement definitions obsolete in advance? Or should we talk about a natural technical evolution because the changes are more conceivable than expected? Does this mean that one should only work with own teams of developers and individual developments to secure maximum flexibility and agility? Just according to the Zalando model?

Flexibility will serve our purpose

Our guests from Spryker, Oxid, Hybris and Magento are standing for different models and approaches regarding diverse use cases and individual specifications. How important are Out of the Box features today? How can I scale my e-commerce business model? How can I differentiate from competition? How can I burst old structures? And above all: what can I do to compete with Amazon? There are loads of questions, and certainly more answers. These are the best requirements to provide a thrilling E-Commerce Forum Karlsruhe and a lively debate with the professionals from Spryker, Hybris, Oxid and Magento.

The 27th edition of E-Commerce Forum will be no “Battle of the Systems“, even if our speakers are representatives from different e-commerce systems. However, it will be thrilling to listen how Ben Marks, Moritz Zimmermann, Pierluigi Meloni and Boris Lokschin are evaluating the journey of online retail and how technical evolution and disruption are affecting business models and e-commerce systems in the near future.

Ecommka XXL on November 10, 2016 in the Alte Färberei in Karlsruhe

A new location and a towering expert line up everything is served! The 27th E-Commerce Forum Karlsruhe will continue with the easy charm of the previous events and will be providing a bigger platform for exchanging knowledge, know-how and experience among like-minded people at the same time! On November 10 at 5PM, Karlsruhe will be the e-commerce capital of Germany. For this we’re charging a contribution to costs for the first time, but we’re serving you – together with our sponsors Inxmail, PayPal and Continum (you can meet them on site) – with loads of drinks and excellent finger food provided by the kitchen of the Kesselhaus Karlsruhe. We’re looking forward to this great night!

Save your ticket now for E-Commerce Forum Karlsruhe in the Alte Färberei of the Kesselhaus in Karlsruhe on www.ecommka.de.

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