eCommerce? CAT – egorical. eCommerce? CAT – egorical.
Fun Fact: Cats use their whiskers to detect if they can fit through a space.

Here’s another fun fact: there is an eCommerce shop that delivers a box full of surprises, like cat treats and toys, handpicked for your little pet.

It all began in 2013, when the team from came with the idea of offering cat lovers a subscription box, which can be picked up from the doorstep.


In addition to the unique toys and high quality treats, they offer a “personalized box with your cat’s name, in handwriting inside the box, so that the humans don’t mistake it for their own mail” says Olivia, the c0-founder of meowbox.

With this idea in mind, investing in an eStore was the team’s natural first choice:

“The real challenge was to be able to serve every type of online customer. Millions of people have a cat, but not everyone uses the internet in the same manner. One thing was certain, our website had to be not just mobile friendly, but mobile optimised. When we built our website, the priority was to make it functional and beautiful on mobile first, before considering how it behaved on the desktop. Of course, making them pleasing for both is the final result.”

With so many cat lovers from all around the world, meowbcat-195256_1280ox uses the social media and the online press, to expose their unique brand.

 “We are lucky in that the internet is a fertile breeding ground for sharing cat content.”

If you are thinking about investing in an eStore, Olivia has a couple of words for you: “To those who wish to open an eStore, your biggest obstacle is yourself. Someone once told me, just go for it! E-commerce is how people shop today and startup costs are comparatively minimal. Get your basics in order then simply launch. You’ll learn what’s best for your business as you go along, so keep your ears open and stay flexible.” delivers this special subscription boxes in US, UK and Canada, making thousands of cats happy, and even more than that, they are also helping others, for every meowbox purchased, they donate a can of food to a shelter cat.

If you wish to surprise your beloved pet, or to send a gift, visit:

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