eCommerce Horoscope: How Different Zodiac Signs Manage Their Online Stores eCommerce Horoscope: How Different Zodiac Signs Manage Their Online Stores

Were you born to be ecommerce superstar? Is your zodiac sign congruent with your possible success in business?

Even if you do not believe in horoscopes, the astrological signs trace their origin back to Babylonian times – approximately 1200 BC, so from ancient times people began to notice that depending on star signs it is possible to make predictions regarding personality and behaviour.

In this article we will try to define how Zodiac sign an influence in the way of working and determine how you tend to approach your day-to-day dealings, running online business.


Aries are nothing less than born leaders. They are very active and like taking the initiative, however, their energy should be streamed in some definite direction.

They have bright ideas, but can’t concentrate on projects for long and may leave them mid-way, in search of another challenge/ task. For example, Aries may come up with the idea to sell new goods at their stores, but when it comes to finding new suppliers, getting csv listings and updating catalog with these new arrivals, they tend to get other people to carry everything out.

import as service


The people with this zodiac sign differ with their resistance, hardness and stability. They are practical and always planning with great attention to details. When it comes to their business, Taurus online shop managers really care about their security, that is why database backup is always a must for them. They would not take big risks and always bother about general well-being of their business.

store security


Due to the dual nature of this sign, Gemini have enough energy for multiple tasks at once, but they always seek for variety. That is why they get quickly bored with routine and methodical jobs. They will be always glad to delegate authorities and automate tedious tasks, for instance, set up cron job and update catalog importing new goods and inventory of existing products without less time and efforts spent.

tasks automation


The people born under this sign are extremely particular about how things are done. They are known for their perfectionism and detailed-oriented approach to things. Thus, they are very good in analytics and make their business decisions on the basis of detailed reports about their sales, customer’s behaviour and other statistics. They are good organizers as all their actions and tasks are well thought-out.

statistics and reports


Leo’s are born to lead. They are really focused in their work, striving to the highest position of success latter and they achieve it, because they are ready to do almost anything for that. Even when something goes wrong, they accept it easily as they are always willing to take risks. Leo store owners usually do not limit themselves to one online store, since they like multi-tasking. They might have a few shops selling different goods and manage with them at the same time.



Did you know that most of billionaires from the Forbes list are born under the sign of Virgo. Of course, we understand – you are still on the way to join this list and the fact that you have born under lucky star will help you.

Virgos have great skills in organizing finances and accounting. Facts and figures play a huge role in their business. They are very practical: analyze all the facts, get to know know all the details before making decision. They can seem to be a bit slow, but this is because they keep in mind lots of information.



These people are conscious of maintaining a perfect balance in whatever they do. They love harmony in their lives as well as in business. Thus, they like to know what’s going on at their store in real time from home or on vacation. If anything goes wrong, they try to work better to bring everything to normal.



Scorpios are very passionate about everything they do. That is why they are perfect in making sales and promotions. Scorpios site managers know when and how to attract buyers with killer product prices or free gift. They always take care about adding suitable related products, cross and up-sells to make clients feel that the goods are perfect together and definitely should be purchased in one go.

discounts and promotions


People of this sign are very good at problem solving and making decisions. They are idealists and they want everything in their store to be perfect. They prefer to troubleshoot for small issues before they turn into big problems. Sagittarius will detect broken images, goods with no pictures at all, check for SEO problems – everything needed to improve the general look and ranking of the site keeping in mind their target goals.

issues troubleshooting


Capricorns are very ambitious and like challenges. They are very determined and persistent – will do what whatever it takes. No matter of what file with products has provided the supplier – Capricorns will try to deal with it and upload data to the store. They tend to be workaholics, so they do not complain about the difficulty of the task. They use complex rules to work with datasheets and even make use of SQL queries to accomplish complex changes. They enjoy the process of solving e-commerce puzzles and look for all possible means to reach their goals.

import spreadsheet


The people belonging to this zodiac sign are characterized by impulsive behavior, quick temper and the need to act quickly. They will be full of ideas about how to arrange store, schedule appointments, and generally, how to run business. But they want everything to be done very quickly, as they are really impatient. They absolute fans of mass catalog updates and operations that can be performed over bulks of products, customers and orders.

mass updates


Pisces are very optimistic and creative. They love rearranging products into other categories, restock products, and generally use their imaginative touch to refine the look of online shop, adding new high-quality and colorful images, writing catchy descriptions and making site template memorable for users.

upload products images

Star signs carry important information about typical peoples’ behaviour that was observed and gathered for centuries.

Understanding and taking into account the influence of your star sign, you will be far more successful in running your e-stores. Found other examples of store owners’ typical behaviour? Share them with us in the comments! 🙂

Good luck!


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