Enterprise Resource Planning Integration and Magento Enterprise Resource Planning Integration and Magento

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a growing sector of the IT software market and for good reason. ERP software can help even small and medium sized businesses to increase sales and boost profits.

ERP software is often broken down into modules so that you can choose the ones that work for your business. Many ERP products are designed for businesses of small to medium size which helps you to integrate them into your Magento store.

Research from Gartner shows the ERP software market is dominated by five large brands – Microsoft, Oracle, Sage, Infor, and SAP. There are a number of different APIs in the Magento Connect store which allow you to connect different brands’ ERP software to your store.


How to Select your ERP System

Selecting your ERP system takes research, time and effort. ERP software can be very complex and as such needs to have the backing of management within the company who should understand this.

  • Make sure that before you go to select your ERP software that you have taken the time to understand exactly what it is that you want from the software. Work out what your specific business requirements are and what system demands you have. This will help you to narrow down to the right package for you and your company.
  • Understand what the total cost of ownership will be for any piece of ERP software that you are considering. There isn’t just the initial outlay, but the cost of any support, customisations as well as training up staff or employing new people who can understand the software. You will need to make sure that you have a specialist on your team that can help you with any changes, adjustments, and training. You’ll need to ensure that you have technically-minded people on board who can operate the software to get the most out of it.
  • Customisations can be expensive, both initially and when it comes to any software updates and updates to Magento. Try to conduct research so that you find an ERP solution which best fits your needs without having to make major modifications.
  • The reporting facilities of your ERP system need to be considered. You need it to integrate fully with your CRM or ecommerce platform.

Magento and your ERP Software

Magento offers a number of solutions in the Connect store once you have chosen your ERP software. Most of them offer:

  • Two-way integration
  • Multi-store integration
  • Real time inventory management
  • Support

By choosing to integrate your ERP software with Magento, you can have a single control panel from which to work from which ensures data integrity and enhance productivity. This helps boost your business up to the next level.

Post Written by Elementary Digital, a specialist Magento Agency who can help with your Magento ERP integration needs.

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