Five Strategies for Exit Intent Success Five Strategies for Exit Intent Success

It’s a scary world out there for e-commerce companies, and every little leg up can help make the difference between a thriving business and one that closes its doors. As I covered in a previous two-part post for Newsgento, one new tool that’s making the difference for a number of online retailers is Exit Intent technology.

The reason why Exit Intent is so successful is it because it offers you a second chance to make your pitch to visitors. In many cases, presenting your products or services in a different light is all it takes to persuade the customer to make a purchase. In the case of MaxTraffic (, an Exit Intent company founded in 2014, some clients have seen increases in conversion rates as high as 15%.

Exit Intent campaigns are not just about creating a series of pop-ups. There are several techniques that you can use which help transform visitors from online window shoppers to enthusiastic buyers.


1. Craft a Campaign that Speaks to Your Audience

MaxTraffic’s Exit Intent platform gives you the power to create your own marketing message. With an easy-to-use dashboard and supportive staff, you can design several overlays and pop-ups that will appeal to your visitors. The key to creating a successful Exit Intent campaign is approaching the task with a clear vision of your everyday customer. Demographics like age, gender, and personal preferences will help guide you as you design your advertisement. Obviously, an ad targeting married women in their mid to late 50s will look much different from an ad targeting college-aged men. Doing your homework in advance can help to make sure that your custom campaign isn’t a misfire.


MaxTraffic’s dashboard for creating your own Exit Intent ads

MaxTraffic’s dashboard for creating your own Exit Intent ads


2. Make a Compelling Case for Your Products

Unfortunately, there is little that a website owner can do to control what their visitor sees and doesn’t see. The sad truth is that a customer is most likely to leave a site without reading beyond the first page that they land on. Exit Intent technology is one of the few surefire ways to guarantee that a visitor sees your message.

The value of that opportunity can’t be overstated, and it’s critical that you put your best foot forward in your Exit Intent overlays. In addition to understanding who your customers are, you must also understand your products. Will you achieve more sales by promoting a previously unknown product or by bringing one of your most popular products to the visitor’s attention? Advertise your products in ways that are going to be compelling to visitors; for example, if you want to market a new denim style to women in their early 20s, consider a message like “Be the First On Your Campus to Wear These Hot New Jeans!” Marketing a classic, popular product? “Thousands of Satisfied Customers Can’t Be Wrong! Order Our Most Popular Shoulder Bag Today.”

Exit Intent technology gives you one extra shot to make a case to your customers – make the most of it!


3. Build a Long-Term Relationship with Visitors

One of Exit Intent’s simplest uses: building an email base

One of Exit Intent’s simplest uses: building an email base

The more that you can communicate with a visitor, the better. And while Exit Intent technology doubles your opportunity to engage with a visitor, capturing their contact information provides you with the means to establish a long-term relationship. One of the easiest and most popular uses for Exit Intent technology is to build an email list for future advertisements and newsletters.

Like with all customer engagement, you must make it clear that the customer will benefit from the interaction. Tell the customer why you should have their email – “Make Sure You’re On Our List for Secret Sales and Extra Discounts!” or “Be the First to Know About Our Newest Fashions.” Exit Intent technology is at its best when it is able to inspire a split-second decision in the visitor. You want your overlay to have the visitor entering their information within 30 seconds.


4. Get Local

One of the best things about Exit Intent technology is its ability to be a chameleon. There are many different ways in which you can tailor advertisements to speak to a specific community, and one of these ways is through geo-specific marketing.

The majority of online retailers market their products to more than one country. However, the culture and personality of customer audiences differs from place to place. MaxTraffic’s customizable Exit Intent platform allows you to present a different message to different countries. If you are able to translate your marketing messages effectively into different languages, you’ll undoubtedly see an increase in sales from customers who value your company’s attention to detail.


Country-specific advertisements increase the reach of your message

Country-specific advertisements increase the reach of your message


5. Review, Refine, Repost

With the freedom to create your own campaigns and unlimited opportunities for updating, you’re not locked into a specific message or advertisement. MaxTraffic offers a comprehensive set of analytical tools so that you can understand exactly how your Exit Intent campaigns are resulting in increased sales. Additionally, A/B testing allows you to determine which of your messages are the most effective.

Before you launch a new campaign, decide when you’ll review its performance. After that pre-determined period, evaluate the analytics and make some tweaks to the campaign content. Repost the campaign, re-evaluate, re-refine. Re-repost, re-re-evaluate, you see where this is going…

Analytical tools help you understand your campaigns

Analytical tools help you understand your campaigns

Take the time to study how your campaigns are performing and which campaigns resonate the most with your audience. Each new campaign you launch should be more successful than the one that came before it!


Christopher Walsh is a writer for MaxTraffic (, a leading tech startup focused on Exit Intent technology.