Future shopping experience – Amazon GO Future shopping experience – Amazon GO

Amazon is again one step forward in innovation at the border between traditional shopping and online shopping. The world’s most advanced shopping experience is here and it’s just a matter of time until big retailers will adopt it.

With the help of technologies used in self-driving cars like computer vision, sensor fusion and deep learning Amazon created the most rapid shopping experience everyone dreamed of.

The Just Walk Out technology performs facial recognition at entering the shop, detects when products are taken from or returned to the shelves and keeps track of them in a virtual cart.

The customers Amazon account is charged after he leaves the shop and a receipt is issued for the purchase. All is needed is an Amazon account, a smartphone and the free Amazon Go app.

This is for the moment just a proof of concept in it’s beta version implemented for an Amazon Go shop in Seattle, Washington and is accessible only for Amazon employees.

2017 is announced to be the year they will open to the public and after observing customers behaviour they will open new shops all over the world.

In perspective it will probably take 1-2 years to have this more extended but taking into account the velocity with which technology evolves the future is promising, at least with regards to our day to day shopping experience.


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