How to Add Images to Magento Products How to Add Images to Magento Products
Learn from this article how we usually add images to products.


How do we usually add images to products via Admin?

  1. Enable product editing.
  2. Switch to “Images” tab.
  3. Browse local folder images are stored in.
  4. Set Small, Base and Thumbnail images and save changes.

The images, we have just added, are displayed on the product page.

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Method #1

Upload Images from Local Folder

  1. Select a product.
  2. Click on “Add” button in Image Gallery tab of the lower grid.
  3. Select pictures to be uploaded.
  4. Set Small, Base and Thumbnail image.

Images are displayed now in Preview column in the product grid.

Method #2

Mass Image Upload

  1. Select several products to assign photos to.
  2. Assign photos in the way described above.

We have assigned images to one product. Images were assigned to the second product as well, but you need to set Small, Base and Thumbnail image to it.

Method #3

Drag-and-drop images (to one or several products)

  1. Choose a product.
  2. Select images.
  3. Drag them and drop to image place in Store Manager.
  4. Configure Small, Base and Thumbnail images.

Method #4

Add Images from FTP

We intentionally remove images for one product but leave them on FTP.

No images are assigned to the product, although photos exist in FTP folder.

We are going to attach image from FTP – find it in corresponding folder (named in the basis of image name).

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