How to Create Magento Attributes and Assign Them to Products [Video] How to Create Magento Attributes and Assign Them to Products [Video]

How can attributes be added to a product via Admin?

  1. Go to “Catalog ->Attributes->Manage Attributes”
  2. Click “Add New Attribute” button
  3. Configure attribute properties, frontend properties
  4. Input labels
  5. Add options if attribute is of “drop-down” or “multiselect” type
  6. Go to “Catalog->Attributes->Manage Attribute Sets”
  7. Select necessary attribute set
  8. Assign just created attributes to this attribute set (to existing group or create new one)
  9. Go to “Catalog->Manage Products”
  10. Select the product
  11. Assign attributes values to the product

Added attributes are now displayed at the storefront.

Looking for the way to simplify and accelerate this process? Store Manager for Magento will help you out.

    1. Switch to “Store->Attributes”, where all attribute sets, attribute groups and unassigned attributes are arranged
    2. Select desired attribute set, attributes will be added to
    3. Click on “Add New Attribute”
    4. Configure attribute properties, frontend properties and label

Let’s add 2 more attributes of different input types quickly switching between tabs and inputting attribute details

  1. –°reate separate attribute group within the attribute set
  2. Assign attributes to this group
  3. Go to “Categories and Products”
  4. Assign attribute values to the product

Let’s view changes at the front-end. Just assigned attributes are displayed at product page.

Download free trial version of Store Manager for Magento at, quickly create attributes and assign them to products


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