How to Display Additional Magento Attributes in the Grid [Video] How to Display Additional Magento Attributes in the Grid [Video]

Enabling additional attributes in product grid can greatly enhance catalog management, although this functionality is not provided in Magento back-end. The following attributes are available in the admin: ID, Name, Product Type, Attribute Set Name, SKU, Price, Quantity, Visibility, Status, Website and can be used for filtering or search respectively

If you are familiar with coding, you may customize the grid including necessary attributes to it. Contrariwise, you might need a workaround tool and Store Manager for Magento (Enterprise Edition) is the one, you will benefit from.

How Are Attributes Added to the Grid in Store Manager for Magento?

  1. Hit the button, provided in the same row, column names are to get the list of commonly used attributes.
  2. Add desired attributes to the grid checking boxes for them

To get the list of additional attributes, press corresponding icon on product toolbar. Accordant window will list all the attributes, that can be included into the grid. It is also possible to choose the way, attribute name will be represented: as front-end label or as attribute code.

What Are Advantages of Customized Product Grid

  • Row filtering
  • Product filtering by column heading or custom filters
  • Show thumbnails on the grid and find products without images
  • Single cell editing
  • Bulk updates of filtered products via Multi Editor
  • Grid export

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Use non-default attributes in Magento grid, enhance catalog management and bypass everyday routines.

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