How to Find Products Without Images in Magento [Video] How to Find Products Without Images in Magento [Video]

Magento products without images are not very attractive for clients. To detect if you have any products with missing pictures, you can find them in a few ways.

Manually via Magento Front and Back-Office

You can open your site front-end and browse through categories there, opening each one-by one at viewing if any of products are lacking of pictures.

Pay attention: that at category view is shown Small image. Magento uses base, small and thumbnail images.

You can also open Magento back-end, go to Catalog-Manage Products and open each item via edit form. In ‘Images’ tab yo will see if product has images added or not.

How to Detect Products With No Images in Bulk?

search results in Google say that you need some SQL statements, lots of coding and special tech knowledge to make it working.

But what if you do not have tech skills?

Store Manager for Magento will detect goods without images in seconds.

There are 4 methods to accomplish the task:

    1. Select all products view and see what products do not have image


    only base image is shown in preview

  1. Go through product list and see images in lower grid and in Image placeholder
  2. Use built-in filter to see products without images
  3. Run Store Diagnostics to detect items without any image

After the list of goods with missing images is received, perform mass actions over those goods. You can add missing images to items, go to product page, export results to Excel or clear the received listings.

Detect Magento products without images easily using Store Manager for Magento! Do it FREE with 14-day version you can download here:


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