How to increase your social media following How to increase your social media following

If the ten years between the millennium and 2010 were about social networks establishing their influence in our personal and social lives, then it can be argued that the current decade is all about those same networks becoming a force in the corporate world.

Many of the major social networks have moved to monetise their business services in light of booming interest from the corporate world, but very few bands outside the really big hitters do social media well. Developing and maintaining a strong social media presence is crucial for online retailers, but how are you supposed to get previous customers and potential buyers engaging with your social profiles? These top tips should help to get you started…

Content is king, so tell a story


Your potential customers are bored with people trying to sell them things. Savvy digital audiences do everything they can to avoid advertising and marketing – they’ll download ad block apps into their browsers, mute their laptops when on-demand video services start playing trailers and navigate away from any site that looks too sales-driven. It’s hardly surprising, then, that posting sales-led content to your site will result in potential customers giving you the cold shoulder. Instead, lure them in with content – give them a story to sink their teeth into, some tutorials they can genuinely use or an opinion piece they’ll be eager to hear.


word-cloud-679941_1280Social media can be as frightening as it is promising to brands large and small, largely due to the fact that customers have a direct means of communicating with your company in a very public way. You shouldn’t ignore those who tweet your company or comment on your posts, however. Instead, respond to their queries and reward them for engaging with your brand. Many companies find that taking a witty, light-hearted approach to social media pays dividends when it comes to engagement, but remember to take your customers’ concerns seriously and be seen to respond in a professional, considerate way.

All that being said, if you feel as though you’re being trolled then don’t rise to the bait.

Develop your brand voice – and don’t be too corporate

A successful social media presence requires you to write and post consistently across every network, establishing your brand voice and allowing potential customers to paint a more rounded picture of your brand identity. Be warned: an excessively corporate, conservative brand voice will not win you many fans. Be playful, funny, interesting and engaging – anything but boring.

Give the people what they want

creative-869200_1280B2B digital marketing is all about thought leadership – positioning your brand as a forward thinker, an innovator and a leader. B2C marketing, however, is a little different. Successful social media marketing involves giving your followers what they want to see. Video and picture content is always popular, as are tutorials – there’s a reason why so many makeup brands share tutorial clips featuring their products. Be different, be original and be risky, but don’t stray too far from the tried and tested formulae that bring the likes and retweets time and again.

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