How to Overcome the Challenges of Traditional Workspaces How to Overcome the Challenges of Traditional Workspaces

It seems as though traditional workspaces – which include those offices for rent in Abu Dhabi or Japan that have cubicles, for example – are becoming more and more a thing of the past, with virtual working, hot-desking co-working spaces gaining popularity, slowly taking over what we know as the traditional way of working in a high-rise office block with open plan office spaces and cubicles separating each employee.


However, not everyone is giving in to the multiple new ways of working. Instead there are still some companies who are sticking with traditional workspaces and are choosing to overcome the numerous challenges that are created by the new ways of working by dealing with the challenges head on. In this article we are going to be looking at three ways some of those challenges can be overcome:


Overcome boredom 

Boredom can become problematic in traditional work spaces, as working within the same four walls can becoming depressing and tedious. This is one of the reasons that hot-desking, co-working spaces are becoming increasingly popular, as there is much more interaction between co-workers and other companies, as well as not having to work in the same spot day in and day out each week. To overcome this boredom and increase productivity rapidly there are a number of things companies can do, including:

  • Allowing their employees the option to work from home once a week or once every fortnight.
  • Adding new areas to the office where they can work, including an area where they can relax at lunch time, an area where they can work comfortably with couches, and even an outside area – if possible – where employees can take their laptop and work while getting some fresh air.
  • The option for hot-desking. Instead of moving to an establishment that specifically caters for hot-desking, why not bring hot-desking to your traditional office space. Have one area where employees can choose to use hot-desking to break away from their normal cubicle working style.


Keep Information Flowing 

We live in a digital age where it is easier and more acceptable to email, text or instant message someone instead of talking to them face-to-face. However, virtual communication is not enough when working in a traditional office space, as there is a need to keep information flowing in order for employees to successfully complete their day-to-day tasks, to build trust and relationships between team members, and in order to make decisions appropriately as it is much easier to make decisions and promises when you are not talking to someone face-to-face.


Focus on Company Culture and Values 

It is important to keep a strong focus on company culture, ensuring that your traditional office space is a positive and happy environment to work in, as well as keep on top of the company’s core values too. By doing both of these things you will ensure that each and every employees knows the company’s conduct, methods of supporting each other, and tactics to ensure that together you aim to deliver only the best results, excelling in your industry as a company, team and as individuals. Have a meeting every quarter, or more often if you prefer, to determine and go over all of those things and to go over the results from previously, brushing up on what went wrong and giving positive reinforcement for the future.

The three points above will help you to combat and overcome three different issues that may arise in a traditional workplace, as more and more companies choose to make a number of alteration to keep up with the times.

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