How To Update Magento SKU for Numerous Products [Video] How To Update Magento SKU for Numerous Products [Video]

Magento SKU is an important notion in terms of product inventory management. SKU is a unique product identifier, used by store owners for inventory tracking. Respectively, merchants should bother about meaningful, differential, usable product codes.

Oftentimes product SKUs require updating, after supplier changes for example. In the video below we are going to disclose the way of bulk SKU updates implementing.

How do usually update product SKU via Admin?

To change SKU for a product via Admin, you need to enable product editing, find SKU field in General tab to the left and paste necessary value.

How to be if SKU should be updated for multiple products? You can either proceed with one by one product updating or apply scripts if you master technical competence. You can simplify and accelerate Magento SKU update with Store Manager for Magento.

How to bulk update SKU with Store Manager

Method #1

Update SKU via Multi Editor

  1. Select items in Store Manager SKUs should be updated for. Please note, at a time you can edit products that belong to the same attribute set
  2. Open Product Multi Editor from context menu or pressing corresponding icon on the toolbar
  3. Add Expression to replace existing SKU with new onesCONCAT(“SKU”,[ATTRIBUTE(eancode)],”-“,[ATTRIBUTE(&product.entity_id)])

As it is demonstrated in the video, SKUs for selected merchandise have been changed

Method #2

Update SKU via Import

There are test products in the video and their modifying is going to be performed in the process of import.

Look through the import file. It has product ID and new SKUs only. ID will be used as product identifier.

  1. Launch import wizard
  2. Choose import configuration
  3. Preview import file
  4. Assign fields properly and set ID as identifier
  5. Set options on the last step (in case you have more fields in the file you may configure extra settings)

Follow this tutorial with step-by-step Magento product import instructions – Import Magento Products Quickly and Safely


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