How would the Friends’ characters online store look like? How would the Friends’ characters online store look like?

Who doesn’t remember the most loved 90’s sitcom, Friends? We all watched it, we related with the characters, we laughed and cried with them, and we all wanted friends like them. But if they would own an online shop, would we buy their products? Take a look at our list below, describing their eStores.

1. Ross Geller


User-friendly would definitely not be the best description of this store. Probably maroon would be the theme color, ideal for when you’re fake dinosaur bones and paleontology books shopping. Of course it would contain a blog section, where he would explain the Mesozoic Era in the most boring possible ways, customers never reading more that 2 phrases. From time to time, he would close it, needing a break, and flirting with the idea of opening another online store.

2. Monica Geller

clean-571679_1280If you’re looking for a micro vacuum cleaner, that you can use to clean your small vacuum cleaner, that you are using for your regular vacuum cleaner, this is the eCommerce website you are looking for. Dusting brushes, cleaning wipes, cleaning solutions, a blog with Monica’s organising tips, even video tutorials in which she is showing you how to clean toothbrushes. The website has OCD written all over it, she would go overboard with the details, we all know how Monica is…

3. Rachel Green

Versashopping-606993_1280ce, Gucci, YSL, she has them all. Clothes, Shoes, Perfumes, Make-up; if you’re looking for a Fashion Guru, you just found it, and her website provides you with everything you need. Of course you’ll actually need a Platinum Credit Card to afford buying from this eStore, but it’s worth it. Who wouldn’t like to buy something that is hand picked by Rachel? This would definitely be a premium eCommerce Shop, advised for the top 1% of the population. Victoria Beckham, Princess Kate, Angelina Jolie, do they ring a bell? They are the regular customers.

4. Chandler Bing


You probably think: what would Chandler sell? If you’re looking for wit, humor and sarcasm, this is the place. You got it right, Chandler would sell jokes, puns, and funny comments. It’s that easy! No delivery issues, no guarantees.

If you are asking yourself: could this even work? No, probably it wouldn’t. This is a pamphlet, so anything is possible here.

5. Joey Tribbiani

burger-500054_1280Here is where you could find all the good stuff. Yes, I am talking about food: Pizza flavoured jams, meat ice creams, potato cookies, Joey’s eCommerce Shop would sell any weird food that you can think of. As you know, he would eat anything and as much as possible, so yes, if he would own an eStore, he would resell it. The delivery would take a while, or the products may never arrive at all, he would probably eat right before packing it. We’re not talking about a long-lasting business here, it’s just a fling, like many others Joey has had.

6. Phoebe Buffay

flea-market-851970_1280When entering Phoebe’s digital store, you’ll hear music, you’ll see candle lights, and you might even feel the scents she’s selling. Among Voodoo dolls, urns, scented candles, massage oils, and old clothes you’ll also find musical instruments, old photos, rocks, old books, even plants. would be an actual online garage sale. It would be hard for her to let go of any object, better said to let go of the spirits she feels in every object, but for the right amount of money she’ll do it, trusting her every customer that the products would be treated respectfully.

How would your online store look like? What would you sell?


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