Interview with Eltrino: “Magento community it’s like a lifestyle” Interview with Eltrino: “Magento community it’s like a lifestyle”

 The world of eCommerce is constantly changing. Choosing a full-service eCommerce solutions provider is the key to a successful online business. Find more about Eltrino from this interview.

Eltrino  is a full-service eCommerce solutions provider. eCommerce solutions development is their passion and what they do the _eltrinobest. The team consists of some of the first employees of Magento/Varien who took part in core development of the platform since the very beginning. Eltrino serve B2B & B2C webshops on Magento, integrate OroCRM, develop useful extensions for Magento and OroCRM. They are creating own help-desk software DiamanteDesk to help you organize all incoming customer support requests from all sources in a single place.

Their main value – people. Their main desire – to make people happy.

Some facts about Eltrino:

20+ Magento experts & IT professionals

10 Magento certified developers

200 000+ hours spent by all our developers on Magento services

-Own development center located in Kyiv, Ukraine

-Serving Fortune 100 clients

When we start implementation of a new project we try to deprive our clients from unnecessary worries, we provide professional consultations, explain in details which solutions and what way would be better to implement. We take care about all customers’ issues. And you know, it works, when the project is done customers continue to cooperate with our team to get support and maintenance services.

Challenges for 2016

diamanteFor 2016, Eltrino have a lot of plans, most of them are related to their own help-desk DiamanteDesk. The project was launched in 2015 and they are actively working forward on developing unique features for this software. They aim to rock eCommerce world with DiamanteDesk and give merchants right tool to provide the best support to their customers 😉

Reliable customer support software is a new must-have for all businesses that have realized value of customers loyalty.

It is FREE and was made for eCommerce. Why eCommerce? We explored troubles that entrepreneurs meet in customer service area. Thus DiamanteDesk is highly reliable, flexible and scalable support ticketing system, meets unique requirements and follows custom business logic.

Key innovation is in combination of Open Source, modern technologies (PHP 5, Symfony2, Oro Platform, Bootstrap) and available free version of the product.

A project Eltrino is proud of

Eltrino is also involved in developing of BuyerQuest – enterprise procurement platform, it delivers a user-friendly eCommerce shopping experience for all goods and services to the enterprise B2B clients just as easy as B2C eCommerce. The team was involved in the eProcurement and Procure-to-Pay solutions development as well as various end-client implementations of the solution for McDonald’s, Saudi Aramco, Stanford University, Steelcase and others.

Extending the business

They are working in 3 main areas:

  • Magento and OroCRM professional services,

  • Product development (DiamanteDesk),

  • IT events organizing (Meet Magento Ukraine, PioneersKyiv).

We’re going to create developers community for DiamanteDesk, so we’ll extend forces to educational area too. So next stage is DiamanteDesk educational program.

The future of eCommerce & Magento

Consumers today combine research and shopping into one continuous process, most of it happening online across a range of devices. They may start on a laptop or tablet and continue the process on their smartphone or at a kiosk.  The expectation is to get relevant information 24/7 and to get consistent, up-to-date and accurate information from any channel they use – before, during and after the purchase. Customers expect not only current information that can answer their questions via any channel, they also want you to anticipate their every step and need. Customers have much more leverage today. They can find most of the pre-purchase information they want online, relying less and less on sales people and direct interaction with companies. In fact, most buyers would prefer to never interact with a sales person, but directly with a brand.

Eltrino’s predictions:

  • rural-925374_1920eCommerce will consolidate retail outlets, omnichannel customer support and web stores in one connected customer journey. The customer view will be similar in existing different systems.

  • Marketing forces will be focused on custom offers for every customer and at a certain time. For example, special discount for boots model for certain lady that saw them in the online store and now check them in the off-line outlet or vice-versa.

  • iBeacon technologies will be widely used to track off-line activity, connect off-line and on-line user profiles to provide special discounts, track time spent watching various products, interests, etc.

Meet Magento Ukraine

ukraineIt was our first event as organizers, so it was a challenge for us in general. But it was really interesting and exciting practice. We’ve successfully solved all issues. It doesn’t matter what you need to do if you can correctly organize process you can perform any task and do any project. Luckily we know how to organize and manage processes. Our co-organizers – Atwix team has the same mind, objectives and goals, thus the conference was so good.

Check the Facebook Page for updates on Meet Magento Ukraine 2016, which will be on the 26th of March.

“Magento community it’s like a lifestyle”

Magento community is not just community around the platform it has become unique eCommerce ecosystem. At Magento events you can find new friends, meet old friends, find new partners, get knowledge about the way how to implement your idea and you can find skillful forces for the implementation. Remarkable is combination of professional and personal in the Magento community. It’s more than just a business, it’s like a lifestyle. Interesting. Exciting. Unique.

You can find Eltrino on Twitter and Facebook.

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