It’s Possible to Get Your Magento Store Up and Running Under 10 Minutes It’s Possible to Get Your Magento Store Up and Running Under 10 Minutes

There are plenty of eCommerce platforms nowadays. But we all can agree that Magento is one of the best, as it’s stable, robust and has an incredible community of merchants and developers.

One of the issues that some merchants and even developers have is that Magento is somewhat difficult in terms of tech.

It’s pretty difficult to get yourself around it, if your technical skills are below average. This is the price you have to pay, if you want your store or your client’s stores running on one of the most advanced platforms for online business.


However, there might be a solution for anyone, who tries to break through this pretty high adoption barrier. What if we told you that you can install Magento, add themes and extensions to your installed store automatically and have it running within 10 minutes? With it’s possible. Let’s review this service and find out more about what it has to offer. The solution should be valuable for merchants, as well as service providers and developers.

How It Works

It’s simple. Connect your hosting and your domain. Choose themes, localizations and extensions. Launch the store. Provided that you already have a hosting solution and a domain – the whole process takes roughly 10 minutes. You can add extensions with one click, add multiple stores and update them simultaneously. All of Magento updates are handled by You can choose extensions a database of over 2,500 available extensions.

How Can I Use It?

If you’re a merchant – you can use to easily setup your Magento store and have it up and running for free (AWS, as a tech partner, offers 1 year free hosting plan). You can then hire a specialist to handle any custom Magento work or updates.

You can even install themes and extensions on your own and test out various designs and setups, before you hand over the store to a Magento specialist. The service also has a list of approved partners that can handle your project.



If you’re a developer – you can use the service to easily create demo and staging environments for your clients. The service also saves time, which you could have wasted manually installing Magento, adding themes, etc. The platform does a lot of the work for you. You can use it as a one-stop-shop for all of your Magento projects, which you can setup and manage within a single dashboard.

Some Cons

  • The available hosting solutions, which you can add are limited to Amazon AWS, at this point. Although more providers will be added soon, it is a limitation right now.
  • The free plan should include more free installs to add more flexibility for the developers that want to test the scalability of the system.
  • Some of the more advanced and custom work still requires a 3rd party developer and/or your in-house developer. Although there’s full access to code, the adoption barrier is still pretty high.
  • If you’re migrating from another eCommerce platform – it will still cost you money, because the migration is handled by Cart 2 Cart, which will charge depending on your store parameters.

Conclusion may serve as a viable solution for anyone, who wants to easily launch a Magento store. It has a number of useful features, like the 1-click install option, which lets you add extensions in a single click, without the hustle of downloading files and testing everything. With the free package available, you can easily test out the functionality of the system and make the final decision on your own.

Alex Plotnikov – CMO at, an innovative PaaS that lets you launch Magento stores in 10 minutes by installing themes, extensions and deploying everything into the cloud. Alex likes to play video games and read history books. Connect with Alex on LinkedIn

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