Live your passion: A guide on how to build an eBusiness based on love for food Live your passion: A guide on how to build an eBusiness based on love for food

In a world with endless possibilities, it seems easy to follow your dream and do what you love. We had a chat with our friends from, who are a real inspiration, and told us their secrets on how eCommerce has helped them to transform their passion for food into a business.

Ucocina is a website designed to help people to eat healthier, easier and diverse. The idea behind it is simple: “Think like a chef, we will handle the rest”, which is also their motto. They provide the recipes and ingredients for a self-cooked meal, but the details make all the differences: the products are fresh, are delivered in a refrigerated box, after they were observed by quality control specialists.

It all started when Murali Maddula, currently founder of, wanted to combine his Management Information studies with his desire to try different, exotic recipes, accomplishing this way his ambition: “to help people in India to get to try healthy food from different parts of the world with new dishes every week right in their home. Even to know what we are cooking and eating, and to eliminate the need to do grocery shopping, waste ingredients, or seek out a recipe.”

They took this business to the next level, by hiring recipe designers from different countries, like USA, Bolivia, Romania, Serbia, Myanmar, and Armenia who write 100% original recipes, that specialize in Vegan and Vegetarian dishes, like the Vegetable Pink Carbonara Gnocchi.

If you have the impression you’ve heard this business idea before, think again. What differentiates Ucocina from their competitors are the personalized recipes.

As a business man, Murali has a certain way to see his competitors: as an inspiration: “Never think competition is a challenge, it’s an inspiration. Especially when you have a competitor in the same market. Focus NOT on what you do, but the way you do it”.

He even shared a secret with us, advising his fellow Startup colleagues that in every business you have to remember three words: Focus, motivation and patience: “I personally compare my startup with body building, one cannot achieve great body overnight, it takes months and even years of hard work, and during this journey you need to stay focused or motivated every moment for quicker results.” currently serves about 1000 areas in southern India. Their next plan is to move their startup setup and operations to major cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore and Mumbai, so they can deliver the meal kits in less than 2 hours or even faster.

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