Magento Abandoned Carts – Put Up With or Get Customers Back? Magento Abandoned Carts – Put Up With or Get Customers Back?

Magento abandoned carts has long been a topic of interest to marketers who sell merchandise on the Internet. As researches show, about 65% of customers click away after putting products to the cart right before making a purchase.

This happens a lot nowadays and is a great concern for online entrepreneurs. Magento abandoned products can cause so-called leak in your sales funnel that might cut off the revenue considerably. High abandoned cart rate, in its turn, might be really frustrating for your turnovers.

magento abandoned cart

Why Does Magento Abandonment Happen?

You try utmost to design customer-oriented website, populate it with wide assortment of products, make sure they are showcased well spending good amount of time and efforts. Seems everything goes swimmingly – people visit your shop, place them to cart and … leave them.
The very fact that products were added to the cart means that shoppers were interested in them, but for some reason or another did not complete the purchase. Cart abandonment reasons vary and average store owner is obliged to consider some to avoid or eliminate incomplete purchases.
Sometimes buyers do not proceed with order simply because they changed their mind or decided that added item is not so necessary. Oftentimes they are switching to another website and forget about the purchase. Nevertheless, these are not the most crucial reasons of checkout abandonment. The next usually force buyers leave their carts:

  1. Product representation is too “poor” for me Shoppers can deny orders, since do not find necessary details or descriptions are not enough. Respectively, they continue their search on purpose to find more info, specifications and descriptive images.
  2. I think pricing/shipping is high Suppose you added some product to the cart and found that another shop sells the same product at lower price. What will be your actions? Most likely you will close current web page and place an order at the shop with lower prices. Shipping is also weighty factor influencing customer decision. Shipping cost that considerably increases order total not infrequently stand behind Magento abandoned products.
  3. I am annoyed by checkout Customers may leave the purchase due to lengthy checkout procedure. Not infrequently multi-page checkouts accompanied with additional questions and forms nonplus shoppers and have no desire to complete the order.
  4. I did not find suitable payment method Lack of payment options can be the reason of cart abandonment. Lots of customers are ready to buy merchandise but preferred by them payment method is not provided and, for all, they abandon carts and leave the purchase incomplete.
  5. “Create Account” or “Register” before placing an order? One more practice irritating shoppers is the request for registration. Usually they can not complete the order if account has not been created yet. Thus, they are supposed to proceed with registration, make up passwords, specify e-mails and other details. If someone wants just to buy and leave? It can discourage shoppers and they simply leave the store.

Practically, any inconvenience, people face, when buying at e-store, may lead to abandonment, be it product-out-of-stocks, some technical issues, security uncertainty and other.

Want to Reduce Cart Abandonment? Here Are Some Tips

Store possessors should resort to techniques that will reduce cart abandonment and help get people back to complete a purchase.

  • simplify checkout procedure/introduce one-page checkout
  • be clear about shipping cost, make it visible for customers and eliminate hidden charges
  • contact customers via e-mail to remind about Magento abandoned products
  • provide great variety of payment methods
  • optimize the web pages for quick loading
  • provide discounts, specials, coupon codes
  • ask store visitors to register account after the purchase
  • build full-featured product catalog and remarkable site imagery to make it customer-friendly

Store Manager for Magento solution will also help you stop sales from slipping away and increase earnings by recapturing abandoned products in Magento. The application lets store owners follow up with shoppers who did not complete the order. Details you can find


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