Magento Advanced Navigation is not a myth, it is reality Magento Advanced Navigation is not a myth, it is reality

Nowadays it is getting more difficult to attract the customers to your online store considering a big number of competitors. Magento websites are not the exception, that’s why GoMage company share the ideas how to make customers be interested in your shop.

One of the most important moments is the customer’s ability to find the required things quickly and without delays. It influences on the customer’s mood and desire to spend money exactly in your Magento store. In this case, Ajax technology helps you to update the filter information without page reloading. It shorts the time spending on the search of the appropriate things in the shop. It provides your customers to choose the necessary parameters in the filters in your Magento website and get what they want in minutes.

Magento Layered Navigation is the tool which helps you to filter products. Magento navigation on CMS is the next feature for attracting customers.

Don’t forget about SEO optimization for your Magento store and the Google opportunity to index filter pages. You should prevent it from doing this. In this sphere we can provide you with the useful tip. The ability to use friendly URLs in your navigation is incredibly significant feature.

The above mentioned features are not included in the standard Magento navigation functional, so the only thing to get them is to install the third party extension, for example, GoMage Advanced Navigation extension developed in accordance with the best Magento practices.

GoMage Advanced Navigation written with JavaScript is full of the wonderful features, which will help you to increase sales of your Magento store and attract more customers. New customers will return and use your shop services again and again, because of comfortable abilities and features that are easy for configuration of GoMage extension.

We used it in the past, so give it a shot:


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