Magento and MaxTraffic: A Match Made in Heaven Magento and MaxTraffic: A Match Made in Heaven

Great companies recognize other great companies, which is why MaxTraffic has taken advantage of the opportunity to collaborate with Magento on the complete integration of their Exit Intent technology. Magento users can install the MaxTraffic plugin for free at any time; however, MaxTraffic is a paid service and users will have to subscribe to be able to use the tools.

Online retailers use Magento for its convenience, efficiency, and outstanding support. The same qualities can be found in MaxTraffic, an Exit Intent company that has grown rapidly since its founding in 2014.


Why Use MaxTraffic?

Exit Intent technology is a new, valuable resource for e-commerce companies, as it can help to increase user engagement, conversion rates, and profits. The technology works by tracking visitor behavior; pre-established algorithms detect when a visitor is about to leave the site and launch a message aimed at convincing the visitor to make a purchase. This effective on-site re-targeting can increase conversion rates from 5-15%.

In addition to increasing sales, Exit Intent is a versatile tool that enables you to capture contact information, ask a survey question, or advertise new and popular products. It offers a guaranteed chance to present new information to the visitor; what you make of that opportunity is up to you!


Entice visitors to make a purchase by offering a new discount

With MaxTraffic’s custom campaign creation, you can launch an unlimited number of campaigns. Visitor segmenting allows you to reach different visitors with ads that speak directly to their needs and desires, and A/B testing helps you to refine your campaigns.


How to Get Started

To start creating your Exit Intent campaigns, install MaxTraffic at this link:

Once the plugin is installed, you can activate your MaxTraffic service by contacting a Customer Success Manager at A MaxTraffic representative will help you get started and offer tips on how to best use the service. They want to see you succeed! Don’t hesitate to contact a Customer Success Manager with questions or concerns about the service.

In this Newsgento post  – – I explored some of the best ways to implement Exit Intent technology. For first-time users, I recommend starting with a campaign that offers a small discount to visitors. This strategy often results in increased conversions; designing a simple Exit Intent overlay to start with can help you get in the swing of things for future advertisements.


Try it Free for 14 Days

If you’re not sure yet whether you want to commit to a monthly charge for Exit Intent technology, you can try MaxTraffic free for a full two weeks. You’ll have access to the complete MaxTraffic interface and can create as many campaigns as you’d like. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the platform; we think two weeks is all it takes to fall in love!

Even during your free trial period, don’t hesitate to contact members of the MaxTraffic team. They’ll help with any technical questions about the MaxTraffic dashboard and will explain how to use the platform’s analytical tools.

MaxTraffic’s 14-Day Trial does not require credit card information or any form of payment. If you want to continue using the palette of tools after your free trial has concluded, just contact MaxTraffic and they will set you up with an ongoing subscription.


Reach Your Goals with Exit Intent Technology

We’re passionate about the benefits of Exit Intent technology because we’ve seen the results it’s brought to online retailers around the world. Whether you’re a boutique fashion site or an international distributor of tools and hardware, we’re confident that our Exit Intent popups will increase your conversion rates and drive up your bottom line.

If you find yourself particularly passionate about the results of Exit Intent technology, you could be an excellent candidate for MaxTraffic’s affiliate program. As you promote MaxTraffic to friends and colleagues, the price of your MaxTraffic subscription will be reduced; you can even end up commanding a monthly profit. For every company that subscribes to MaxTraffic, you receive 25% of the revenue for the duration of their subscription. It’s a win-win situation!

Install MaxTraffic on your Magento e-commerce site today, and you’ll experience the incredible benefits of two innovative, high-performing tech companies!


Christopher Walsh is a writer for MaxTraffic (, a leading tech startup focused on Exit Intent technology.