Magento Marketplace is live now! Magento Marketplace is live now!

After the Magento 2 release last year, the second important course for the future of e-commerce is set with Magento Marketplace. Magento Connect, which is the central contact point for Magento extensions, gets replaced by the new Magento Marketplace, that is much cleaner and more well-arranged. The focus of this new platform is on quality, not quantity.  But don’t worry: there will be an amount of free extensions and themes in the future.

What is the difference between Magento Marketplace and Magento Connect?

Differently than Magento Connect, Magento Marketplace wont provide a vast quantity of extensions for every case. It was not easy to choose the right, and especially the best, extension from the variegated supply. In the future, only selected modules curated by Magento will be provided.

To secure the high aimed quality, extensions of minor value will be screened with automated checks of the quality of codes. Furthermore, extensions that are permitted by the Marketplace get evaluated by additional qualified reviews regarding their functionality and quality. Magento Marketplace will provide a handpicked selection of high-grade and transparent presented extensions and themes. The first Magento 2 modules are already available.

What is the future of Magento Connect?

The end of Magento Connect is not near yet. But this wont take a long time: a “few months” after the launch of Magento Marketplace, Magento Connect will be closed. This is expected during the third quarter of 2016.

Will Magento Marketplace also provide Magento 1.x extensions? During the second quarter of this year, extensions for Magento editions 1.x will be provided on the new Magento Marketplace. Regarding the platform as an curated extension store, not all extensions that are provided on Magento Connect will make it to the Magento Marketplace – only the best of them will.

Can you buy extensions directly on the Magento Marketplace?

Magento Marketplace is a fully provided online shop which is – of course – based on the shop software Magento and which enables the purchasing of extensions. The payment procedures include credit card and PayPal. In case of reasonable claims, there is the possibility of price refund. The extension support is realized by the particular producer of the extension.

Conclusion: Finally! (Hopefully.)

The underlying approach of the Magento Marketplace deserves a commendation: quality, not quantity. During the past few years, Magento Connect was developing more and more to an extension jungle, so the community couldn’t wait for a restart. The future has to show if this restart succeeds and how the new selection system regarding quality ensurement influences the extension store for shop owners and developers. This is especially interesting regarding the Magento 1.x extensions. We will know better in a few months.


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