Magento Masters 2016: Makers Magento Masters 2016: Makers

snappa-1457428479After finding out about the Magento Masters program(the Movers or the Mentors ) of 2016 it has come to the point where we need to talk about the Makers

Makers have a very important role in the Magento Community, being responsible with the sharing of the ideas, the feedback and anything related to these topics and communication.

Without other introductions, here are the Makers for the 2016 Magento Masters program:



Founder & Frontend Developer, Magenio


Antonio has been in the field for over 10 years, being part of Magento from the beginning. A very skillful translator, Antonio works almost exclusively with Magento. In 2013 he has obtained certification as Magento Frontend Developer. For the time being, he is the founder of Magenio, which is a team the specializes in eCommerce development.

Mr. Carboni has been chosen as a Magento Master this year for the important contributions he has brought with Italian translations on the Magento platform, but also for being an active member on the Magento Forum, frequently helping other users with answers.




Community Developer, Nexcess


The titles of Miguel include: Magento Certified Solution Specialist, Full time traveller and sysadmin in his free time. During the last 4 years, he has worked as a senior developer on some of the most important Magento projects all around the world(25 countries ). Now, Miguel is part of the Nexcess team, helping in the maintenance of Turpentine, an open source project and one of the most popular Varnish extensions for Magento.

Miguel is part of the Makers because of his sharing of the knowledge on the Magento StackExchange, but also for all the speaking that he has done in the past year at Magento events.



AlexanderGaltsow 704x704 ALEXANDER GALTSOW

VP Communications and Partnerships, aheadWorks


Alexander works at aheadWorks, but is also an Extension Developer member. Although he has specialized in International Law, he came across the world of eCommerce in 2012, being a Magento fan ever since.

Alexander has been selected as a Maker based on his contribution in 2015 with the Extension Developers Network, having an important role in Magento Marketplace, easing the way for companies that moved to Magento 2.0.

Marketplace and leading the way for extension companies in moving to Magento 2.0.



President, Aspiration Hosting Inc

United States

James is the President of Aspiration Hosting Inc, a high performance Magento Hosting provider. He has been part of the Magento Community since 2008. He is taking an active role in the Magento Forum by being a Moderator. His hobbies include: jogging, hunting, watching movies.

He has been considered as one of the Makers of 2016 thanks to his involvement with the Magento Forum, where he shared his knowledge and answered as many questions as possible.




CTO, Veriteworks Inc.


Hirokazu has been in the Magento business since 2008. He first encountered it in 2007 and he has provided important services to the eCommerce market in Japan since 2010.

A few of his achievements that recommend him for this position include the organization of: Meet Magento Japan, he Magento Japan User Groupand the Advent Calendar Magento blogging project. He has also helped with the translation of the Magento platform to Japanese.




Founder, Fooman

New Zealand

Kristof is the founder of Fooman, a Magento Technology Partner and extension provider. He has been working with Magento ever since its first release, while also developing more than 15 free commercial extensions. He is a certified Magento Developer Plus, while also running the local Meetup group in Auckland.

He has been chosen as a 2016 Magento Master based on his 2015 contributions through the Auckland Magento User Group, Magento StackExchange and encouraging extension company dialogue through the Extension Developers Network.




Senior Software Engineer, Brady Corporation


Mukesh is a Senior Software Engineer at Brady Corporation in Bangalore, India. He is working with Magento since 2012, that also being the year that he started his career. He is one of the moderators on Magento community forums. e also spends a few hours daily on as well as sites.

Mukesh was selected as a 2016 Magento Master based on his 2015 efforts to consistently share his knowledge with the community by answering questions on theMagento Forums on a range of topics and initiatives, from helping with security patches to rallying the Magento community in India.




Founder & CEO, Snowdog


Kuba has organized four editions of Meet Magento Poland. He is a translator and manager of the Polish language pack for Magento 1 & 2, while also being the founder of Snowdog, a Magento dedicated company working in this field since 2008.

He has been selected for as a 2016 Magento Master thanks to his contributions in organizing Meet Magento Poland, but also for the efforts he has made in translating the platform in Polish. Kuba has also made many important presentations at Meet Magento events.



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