Magento News Roundup #21 Magento News Roundup #21

Strictly speaking this should be in the next roundup, but: the Magento 2 Developer Release Candidate has been released! The release will be accompanied by a webinar. Well, any interesting other news?!


  • Fabian Schmengler started a series with practical usage tips for the EcomDev_PHPUnit framework.
  • Earlier, Fabian was featured here on magenticians with a post comparing Spryker with Magento.
  • On BlueLikeNeon (a web agency) its blog Magento is compared with Shopify.
  • In case you want to have grid-based tables in the backend configuration of your module, Andreas von Studnitz explains how to do it.
  • Request time of under 300ms for a Magento store without Varnish and FPC. Doesn’t sound realistic? Ivan claims it is. How exactly he managed to achieve that is still a bit vague.
  • Fabrizio has released Aoe_CacheRefresh, which can intercept a browser its built-in hard-refresh (ctrl + f5)  to force expiration of the Magento cache. Useful during development and theoretically also on live stores because usage of the functionality can be limited to certain IP addresses.
  • In a video, Fabrizio walks the viewer through the changes in Aoe_Scheduler v1.0.x.
  • Fabrizio has also published an interesting gist in which he publicly discusses the flaws in the CatalogRule module its cronjob.
  • Eric Wiese’s portfolio has an interesting backstory about the default Magento responsive theme introduced in Magento EE 1.14 and CE 1.9.
  • NWDthemes published a list of funny (or rather sad?) code snippets found in Magento its codebase.
  • now has image-badges to showcase (or ridicule) the computed quality of a module on Magento Connect.
  • This answer by Anna on Magento SE provides an useful checklist for the security of a Magento store. Seems like a good fit for MageUpgradeChecklist or MageSecurityChecklist (which does not exist yet).
  • In case your PHPStorm upgrade cycle heavily relies on whether Magicento is supported, it might be comforting to know that Magicento works with PHPStorm 9.

Magento 2

  • Already spoiled in the introduction: the Magento 2 Developer Release Candidate has been released. The changelog has an overview of what changed relatively to the previous version and a new document in theMagento 2 devdocs already has the technical release notes for Magento 2.0 ready.
  • Regarding the Magento 2 devdocs: topics which can be picked for fresh contributions now have a “up for grabs” label.
  • Up next in the Magento 2 release cycle (reminder to update that post) is the merchant beta.
  • Tomorrow (Tue, Mar 24 2015, 4:00 PM – 5:30 PM GMT) there will be a webinar for the Magento 2 Developer Release Candidate.
  • After a comment by Mark regarding Zend 3 coming out soon and Magento 2 still relying on Zend 1, Anton Kril reveals that there is an ongoing  effort to gradually remove Zend 1.


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