Meet Magento RO 2015, just around two corners Meet Magento RO 2015, just around two corners

Waiting for news about Meet Magento Romania 2015? Well, here is what we know about this year’s event:

  • Event days are October 2 and 3
  • Just like last year, it’s going to take place in Cluj-Napoca, but this time we meet at a new venue, Grand Hotel Italia *****
  • It’s going to be a 2 days event, so we doubled the awesomeness
  • We are expecting 500 attendees (150 more than last year)
  • And, just for the fun of it, we’re throwing a bigger after-party

Don’t forget, in 2015, Meet Magento events will take place in 30 countries around the world – That’s big. Can’t wait!

Also, in Romania, the MindMagnet team is setting up a Meet Magento Workshop series, starting with Bucharest in February. More details to come!



  • Ionut

    April 28, 2015 #1 Author

    I’m eager to participate at Meet Magento 2015.


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