Meet Magento World moved to July Meet Magento World moved to July

Based on feedback from our loving and enormously involved community, we are moving our event to July 11-13, 2017 to be able to better prepare and fine tune this new online conference.
Main values for any Meet Magento are meeting, learning and connecting. We are connected to a global Magento community that reflects on our ideas, organization, products and events.

Meet Magento is also about experiments, trying new formats and reaching that next frontier. Sometimes it works out really good, sometimes you need to re-think. When initiating Meet Magento World we wanted to have this conference as the last major Magento event of the year and accepted to have only a few months left for preparation. Since the announcement, the community feedback for the Meet Magento World format is tremendously exciting. From all over the world people interested in Magento or E-commerce approached us.

But today we have to admit that it was too short to get all aspects from format, content, communication and love in one line and to take all of the community feedback into account. We have learnt a lot during the last 10 weeks on how to improve our initial Meet Magento World format. To organize the global scale and live up to the expectations we need a bit more time, involve more partners and fine-tune the format. Therefore we decided to move Meet Magento World to July next year.

One example is that we didn’t expect such high interest for companies that wanted to host a local viewing location. Something we really want to support since it is right in line with the “Meet” and “Connect” part of our values. But it also requires extra time and coordination to get everything in line with the rest of the organization. We will also look into adding more workshops, make it more accessible and rethink our pricing structure to accommodate for a broader community.

We will be in touch with everyone that bought a ticket for any reimbursement if they want it and coordinate new planning with all our partners. We invite you, our partner / sponsor / community member to think with us about the format and if you would like to help in our organization, you can use this form to apply. We would love to hear your feedback/suggestions.

One thing that we can announce for our 2017 edition is Magento Inc. as an official supporter. Of course we are already collaborating with Magento on many things, but it is great to also have them on board as one of the main partners of our event.

We are on our way to an incredible Meet Magento World event, fitting to the community that we are. Based on your feedback we know you will understand our decision for moving the event and look forward to even more of your help and support to make this an awesome event.

We are Magento.

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