Meeting Ben Marks, Magento Educator and Evangelist Meeting Ben Marks, Magento Educator and Evangelist

October 15th has become an occasion of joy for the Czech Magento enthusiasts, as Ben Marks, a Magento educator and Evangelist came to Prague for a meet-up. We would like to review this moment through some photos:


Being the initiators of that visit, we did our best to make it enjoyable both for our guest and all those who came to see him. So, we chose In-Spiro, the #1 coworking center in Prague, as a venue. And that turned out to be the right decision! The atmosphere there was absolutely amazing and afterwards Ben told us that was the best meet-up ever he could remember. Nice words to hear from a person who travels across the globe with his lectures, aren’t they?

DSC_2476 DSC_2479 DSC_2512 DSC_2549

So, there were a lot of questions asked and what we liked most was that they were highly technical. All who asked them got branded Meet Magento CZ souvenirs.

Summing up, we would like to thank all of you who joined us to learn more on Magento 2. We hope you had a good time with us, got answers you came there for and found new friends. And, of course, our special thanks to Ben Marks for making it possible! See you at Meet Magento Czech Republic 2016 soon!

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  • Geraldo

    March 6, 2016 #1 Author

    Hi EdI have watched over 20 voedis on Magento. I have also watched the 2 video tutorials that you have made. Your voedis are by far the best I have seen. They deliver the most complete and useful information on the subject you are addressing. I have searched wide and far for the other voedis you promised in those voedis to make and yet I have not found them. I wonder if you have done other voedis on Magento or are you planning to do more. If you can point me to more of your voedis I would appreciate it very much. Even if you don’t do any more voedis I would like to thank you for the ones you have done.Regards,Morrey M.