Newsgento Links With Meet Magento Association Newsgento Links With Meet Magento Association

snappa-1455703733snappa-1455703733About Meet Magento Association

Magento is without doubt the most popular eCommerce platform worldwide. The amount of people that benefit from it is staggering. The needs of the merchants can be covered easily through Magento and help can be found without searching too much.

Meet Magento conferences are lively platforms for meeting people, for learning and training, and for developing your online business.  Since 2009 they are the places where Magento gets a special momentum.

Meet Magento events take place all over the world and in many forms. Everything linked with Meet Magento is under the coordination of the Meet Magento Association. It is a non profit organisation, representing Magento users, opening the Magento world to business of any size from small to large and building one of the largest ecosystems in the ecommerce business worldwide.


Newsgento Becomes An Important Part Of Meet Magento Association

News and information are key elements of Meet Magento’s service portfolio. To push those elements to a new level the international news provider Newsgento will become the official news platform for the Meet Magento Association. Newsgento is a leading news platform that delivers information from all over the world in regard to Magento and eCommerce in general. Newsgento has its roots in the Romanian city of Cluj-Napoca, one of the most important and prosperous locations in the country. The Romanian team is led by Sandu Băbăşan, CFO of Mindmagnet, which is a member of the Meet Magento Association and also the organizer of Meet Magento Romania.

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