Preparing for Christmas: how to hire the right people for your online store Preparing for Christmas: how to hire the right people for your online store

Managing an ecommerce store isn’t easy. If demand were steady throughout the year and customer levels remained predictable, then building your team would be simple.

In reality, demand will fluctuate from month-to-month, peaking in the months leading up to Christmas and plateauing shortly thereafter. As such, you’re likely to need far more staff at certain times of years than at others. Overstaffing your business would be a mistake, but so would being short-staffed over Christmas. To overcome this dilemma, many ecommerce stores recruit temporary staff over the festive retail period. If you’re considering doing the same this year, how can you be sure to choose the right staff members for the job?

Anticipate your needs

chess-433071_1280The earlier you prepare for the Christmas retail period, the easier it will be to negotiate. This applies to Christmas recruitment, too. As the festive period approaches, take some time to analyse your sales performance from previous years and consider the areas where you could do with extra help. If your customer services team was overwhelmed last year, then you’ll probably need to bring in some temps for that department this Christmas. It’s also worth considering current and emerging trends. Could the rise of mobile commerce exert additional strain on certain aspects of your business?

Start hiring early

hourglass-620397_1280If you’re really determined to bring in the right temp staff for your ecommerce business then you ought to begin the recruitment process early. Recruitment always takes longer than you anticipate, so begin drafting job adverts and budgeting for expenses in plenty of time. Post your adverts early and give yourself ample time to review the candidates, choosing the best individuals for each role at your leisure.


Meet your potential hires

With recruitment such a drawn-out process in the current job market it can be tempting to hold interviews via video chat or over the phone. However, it’s always best to meet your potential hires first and gauge their suitability in person. If you’ve done your research and ensured that each interview candidate boasts the attributes you’re looking for, the interviews themselves should primarily involve determining whether each candidate is the right fit for your business. This is always better achieved in person.

Use your network

macbook-925595_1280Recruitment can be a risky business. How can you be sure that your new hires will meet your expectations? A good way of avoiding disappointment is by asking your network for help. Check with contacts in your industry as to whether they can recommend any particularly excellent temporary workers. A good recommendation can be worth countless hours of diligent recruitment.

Use freelancers

A good way to save money and time when recruiting Christmas staff is to consider using freelancers. Good freelancers are available in all kinds of sectors, from web design and development to digital marketing. Bringing in high quality, inexpensive freelancers can help to free up the time of your existing employees over this busy period, helping you to better cope with the Christmas rush. If you want more tips on how to successfully prepare for the busy Christmas period, you can read our whitepaper here.

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