Seek, and ye shall find – Product Search for Pro’s Seek, and ye shall find – Product Search for Pro’s

Too many buy and visit abruptions are happening because of lacking product search functions, difficulties in use and aimlessly product search. But this task is not irresolvable at all – according to our partner TUDOCK, there is much potential regarding an optimization of the search function for most of the shops.

Search – Find – Buy!” is the title of our Bronze Partner TUDOCK’s new ebook about product search function optimization. By their opinion, the search function in web shops is still underrated by most of the shop owners – even of the bigger shops. They simply ignore the easiest rules for user-friendly product search. Visitors of web shops set a high value on search function when it comes to online shopping – if this ends aimlessly in the nowhere, they leave the shop frustrated and won’t come back either.

With the ebook, TUDOCK reveals the most frequently faults in creation a product search function and show possible traps. It provides helpful tips for product search optimization for the own shop, e.g. configuration of the search field and the suggest function, presentation of the search result page, after search navigation and null matches page. Examples and case studies help you to understand how you can adopt their tips for your own business. They say: product search optimization does not only affect your sales success, but also brings you more confident and happy clients who like to shop on your website.

You can download their ebook for free on

tudock_300x53TUDOCK, eCommerce agency from Hamburg, is providing service to big size and medium size companies. Besides shop development for Magento, they’re concentrating on web shop optimization and product management.

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