So what is it that you’re selling exactly? So what is it that you’re selling exactly?
 Do you know  how UX can help you communicate your product at the early stage of your Startup?

Surprisingly there’s still not many of you that would answer YES, and those beginnings can be crucial for your business success.

Your potencial clients spend about 30 seconds on exploring your landing page. The way you present your unique product desides if they buy it or not. Think of what’s the main aim of yor website and how you want to help your users to get there.

Do you really want to overwhelm them with loads of content, trying to explain why buying your product or service will make their life better? People don’t read on the Internet, they just scan the text.

We had a great pleasure to tell you a bit more about how to get your first point of sale right, during Satelites Events at TOA Berlin.

For those, who missed it and those, who wanted more of Anna Lankauf‘s presentation, here it is!


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