“Shop the Look” – Visual Merchandising with Magento

Magento agency and Meet Magento Association partner TUDOCK developed a Magento module for visual merchandising.

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Why it’s worth to become a partner of Meet Magento Association!

Do you remember our blog post about the new format of Meet Magento Germany where we also said that 2016 is a particular year for Meet Magento and of course for the Association? Since then things came thick and fast. Only a few weeks ago the Meet Magento Association was announced as official independent partner of Magento that will push the cooperation between Magento and Meet Magento to a new and official level. Of course this implicates a new strengthened position of the MMA in Magento ecosystem.
For all those agencies, that aren’t Magento partner yet, the Meet Magento Association partner program is just around the corner to show competence to your clients in Magento environment. Our advantage is that we have a personal relationship to almost all of our agencies and partners. So, the community represents common strength and support as well as friendship. As partner of Meet Magento Association you are playing in the big league. You’re a partner of a real worldwide grouping. And as partner of this umbrella organisation you can be a face behind Meet Magento events all over the world.

“As an ecommerce solution provider with strong focus on Magento we have a strong interest in driving the demand for the system world-wide. As part of that it is important to make sure the Magento brand is represented well and sometimes it has to be protected from different lobby groups. Magento as a company does a great job, but a world-accepted independent organization like the Meet Magento Association may be even better in this regard.
Certainly the partnership also means a huge boost in reach and communication of our services to the community and Meet Magento is a well-regarded channel within the community. We were very active in the open source community as well as in Meet Magento events worldwide – so it is obvious that we also support the Association.”
Michael Türk, CEO Flagbit GmbH & Co. KG – Meet Magento Association Gold Partner

With our new Vice Presidents and our Chief Innovation Officer who are real Magento veterans and are scattered all over the world we can guarantee support for any MMA partner worldwide.
So, have a look at our new partnership program! We would love to get to know you better and to welcome you on board of the Meet Magento Association to further extend the community together.

“As full-service agency it’s our task to support shop owners on all issues of their daily work. The partnership program of Meet Magento Association offers us as a service provider an ideal platform for this.”
Carsten Stech, CEO Splendid Internet GmbH & Co. KG – Meet Magento Association Bronze Partner

Your benefits at a glance

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Get ready #RealMagentoFolks the fifth MageStackDay is coming!

On 17th & 18th of June Magento professionals from all over the World will gather to answer questions on magento.stackexchange.com and Magento community forum.
This online hackathon was started in 2014 and received a great sucсess in Magento community. Now it is an annual event whose goal is to improve the Magento platform.

This is an unique chance to get answers on the most demanded questions, to share your experience and get a deserved reward for that. For your active participation, MageStackDay prepared great giveaways which will extremely surprise you. We offer a fantastic opportunity to meet all Magento gurus live at the most well-known Magento community event absolutely for free! The Meet Magento Association has sponsored 2 entree tickets for a Meet Magento event of your choice. And you can be that lucky guy, (or girl) 🙂 !

So, all you need is to register, open your laptop and enjoy the power of the community. And do not forget to connect with all Magento pals via Slack channel or follow #Magestackday hashtag on Twitter.

All Magento addicts are welcome!

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Next big thing:  Meet Magento World Conference – Connecting people all over the world!

Spain, The Netherlands, Argentina, Vietnam or Germany are only some countries where the Meet Magento conferences are taking place today. What´s about one international event for bringing the best speakers, the most interesting sessions and the special spirit from each country to all of us? Sounds crazy? You don’t believe it? So join us. The Meet Magento Association will make it real.

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The Ultimate Guide to Magento Security

Securing your website is always important, but when you have an e-commerce Magento website, it becomes even more important to secure the website’s data since it stores personal user data and transaction details. 

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Seek, and ye shall find – Product Search for Pro’s

Too many buy and visit abruptions are happening because of lacking product search functions, difficulties in use and aimlessly product search. But this task is not irresolvable at all – according to our partner TUDOCK, there is much potential regarding an optimization of the search function for most of the shops.

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Compelling Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your E-Commerce Platform to Magento 2

As e-commerce demand is developing exponentially, technology companies are trying to keep abreast in catering to the needs of their customers. With an estimated 21% growth in 2015, e-commerce is fast covering a considerable 7.3% share of global retail sales around the same year. This explosion of the number of e-commerce users constantly requires improving technological framework to accommodate e-commerce sales demands.

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eCommerce Trends and Predictions for 2016

Ecommerce is a very vast subject that does not necessarily have a stable recipe. It is not that easy to predict what will top the search charts regarding online stores. Nonetheless, the way people have behaved in the online market in 2015 is one indicator. Furthermore, this article will try to give some insights to the way online shops will behave in the coming year.

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Getting Ready for Holiday Shopping Season in the Way Santa Would Do It

The holiday season is inevitably approaching at the speed of Santa’s sleigh. Every day makes us one step closer to the magical feeling of Winter’s fairytale, the taste of gingerbread cookies, and 30% of our annual revenue. What? We’re all business people, after all.

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Free stock photos for your eCommerce blog

Have you ever heard the saying “A picture is worth a thousand online sales?” This quote certainly applies in eCommerce.

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