interviewThe online environment and the businesses of nowadays are always changing. A business can not only survive in the offline medium, the tendency of the modern bussinessperson being to assimilate the new trend.Nonetheless, an education is necessary for the entrepreneurs to have the best results in the online medium. Business people usually choose to use promote their services online by using their one staff. However, it has become more common for organizations to work with online specialists in order to achieve the desired results.

Constantin Iurea is a young entrepreneur who owns an online marketing agency called Sico Media, which is situated in Romania. He has agreed to give us his thoughts on this relatively new branch of business that is the online.


eCommerce? Up Up and Away!

In my country, I predict that the phenomenon of eCommerce will see at least a 30% growth in the very near future. eCommerce has started to rise very high in general, being very difficult to see any change in that fact. A cause for this ascendance can be found in the big number of online users. My advice for all entrepreneurs is to get on that online map as soon as possible. Also, I feel that the best way for any business to promote their services via online marketing is to seek the help of specialists.


Platforms: The Best of the Best

I find it quite hard to name a platform that I think is the best. This is mainly due to the fact that all platforms have pros and cons that can only be assessed by developers. Another fact that needs to be taken into consideration is the difficulty of the platform according to the client. These days we can talk about many eCommerce platforms that basically do the same thing, the difference being the way it is done.

To give a specific opinion, for me the best platform is the one offered by WooCommerce along with the WordPress codex. I may add that this one has no secrets for my team.


The Right Approach Means the Right Results

Many startups fail to deliver because of the way the bussines people choose to handle things. Therefore, CEOs sometimes do not pay attention to the needs of the public, thus trying to enforce their own products and services. Speaking more about online marketing, other firms fail because they do not hire persons that specialize in that field.


Social Media? Decisive!

The impact of Social Media is huge in any business, being very hard to give a precise percentage. The big number of users that exists in the Social Networks( especially on Facebook) brings a new trend in the evolution of the online field. It is very hard in the present day to do something without Social Media. It is virtually impossible to start a business without this type of media because it offers a lot of advantages in the promotion of the products or services. Of course, what you are promoting is also very important, along with the target audience.


Us against the World

The entrepreneur is the one that puts the mark on the online business. In my country people tend to have a lack of trust when it comes to asking for professional help in Social Media. However, outside of my country, the reasoning for choosing specialists has been easily embraced. One can fully understand the importance of having a marketing specialist only by analyzing the amount of work that this type of job requiers. Therefore, it is rather hard to pass marketing tasks to someone who already has other duties. An online marketing person needs creative space to conceive the best strategy, needs people from the same field to consult, and these sort of things are mostly found in specialized agencies.

To conclude, an organization’s success depends on the level of knowledge shown by the business person, who needs to understand the benefits of online marketing.


Online Marketing: the Right Approach

All online strategies are the best. The most important thing is the way one uses them. In some cases you might want results on a short period, in others on a long term. No matter what the goal is, all strategies ar good as long as you have the right people and the right approach.

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Conversation With Constantin Iurea

The online environment and the businesses of nowadays are always changing. A business can not only survive in the offline medium, the tendency of the modern bussinessperson being to assimilate the new trend.

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