What do customers expect when it comes to online purchases?

Which is the personalization level expected by consumers? Do brands instill the “luxury feeling” during the entire purchase process?

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The Localized Magento Edition – new release.

In a such fast growing area like e-commerce it is very important to be always aware of  latest updates, new features and trends. Magento community is known for its responsive in new technologies development. And now we want to share with you our new Localized Magento Edition release, which is supposed to even more simplify work with your web-shop.

As you already know the Localized Magento Edition was established for several countries such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania and Russia. This was made possible thanks to local partners who is working with the Edition for each mentioned country individually. The Localized Magento Edition has brought essential benefits for merchants and shop owners in their online business. Installing the Edition gives the access to all necessary settings, modules, legal rules and regulations of the market according to your location. And it even has a built-in proper language pack. New release is designed to be the perfect set of tools which is absolutely required for your Magento web-shop.

Let`s check what updates we have in new Localized Magento Edition:

  • Based on Magento CE
  • Update MageSetup module
  • Update of all further optional modules
  • Include PayPalPlus module (Magento DE only)
  • Remove M2E module

As you can see this release already has a new payment service PayPal PLUS (only available in the German version). This module is targeting sellers and buyers in Germany and covering  around 80% customer demand. PayPal PLUS allows buyers to choose from four methods of payment such as PayPal, Credit Card, Direct Debit and Pay Upon Invoice. For merchants it is always be one single PayPal transaction, no matter what payment method will choose a customer. For customers it is also possible to check out using different devices, smartphone, tablet or computer.

Our partners from PayPal Germany and integer_net sponsored the development for the Localized Magento Edition release and you already can install an upgraded version for your web-shop.

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Seek, and ye shall find – Product Search for Pro’s

Too many buy and visit abruptions are happening because of lacking product search functions, difficulties in use and aimlessly product search. But this task is not irresolvable at all – according to our partner TUDOCK, there is much potential regarding an optimization of the search function for most of the shops.

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How to Filter Magento Products by Any Dropdown Attribute Value [Video]

Having large volume of products at Magento store, you would definitely like to have at hand flexible tool for their filtering.

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How to Create Magento Attributes and Assign Them to Products [Video]

How can attributes be added to a product via Admin?

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How to Find Products Without Images in Magento [Video]

Magento products without images are not very attractive for clients. To detect if you have any products with missing pictures, you can find them in a few ways.

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Convert Magento Simple Products Into Grouped

Sometimes you might need to gather products in set to be shown on one page. Magento allows to do this by means of complex product types. One of them is Magento grouped product.

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10 Ways to Increase Profit from Existing Customers

How to increase my profit? – this mercantile yet reasonable question has been a central one for every generation of mankind since the year dot. The very same issue keeps bothering e-Commerce merchants now. Well, there is a universal answer – get off the sidelines and make things done.

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Extended breadcrumbs

Extended breadcrumbs

Magento August 17, 2015 0

If you ever had questions about the breadcrumbs in Magento, how you can use them, and how they can redirect you to a product page, atwix.com has developed an easy-to-understand tutorial on how breadcrumbs can work for you, answering all these questions.

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Change Simple Products into Virtual in Magento

In case you sell services, warranties and other goods that are never physically delivered to clients, choose Magento ‘Virtual’ product type. In case you have created the mentioned items as simple products, you have to know that while purchasing it the client has to input unnecessary for this order shipping details.

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