“Shop the Look” – Visual Merchandising with Magento

Magento agency and Meet Magento Association partner TUDOCK developed a Magento module for visual merchandising.

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What do customers expect when it comes to online purchases?

Which is the personalization level expected by consumers? Do brands instill the “luxury feeling” during the entire purchase process?

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Get ready #RealMagentoFolks the fifth MageStackDay is coming!

On 17th & 18th of June Magento professionals from all over the World will gather to answer questions on magento.stackexchange.com and Magento community forum.
This online hackathon was started in 2014 and received a great sucсess in Magento community. Now it is an annual event whose goal is to improve the Magento platform.

This is an unique chance to get answers on the most demanded questions, to share your experience and get a deserved reward for that. For your active participation, MageStackDay prepared great giveaways which will extremely surprise you. We offer a fantastic opportunity to meet all Magento gurus live at the most well-known Magento community event absolutely for free! The Meet Magento Association has sponsored 2 entree tickets for a Meet Magento event of your choice. And you can be that lucky guy, (or girl) 🙂 !

So, all you need is to register, open your laptop and enjoy the power of the community. And do not forget to connect with all Magento pals via Slack channel or follow #Magestackday hashtag on Twitter.

All Magento addicts are welcome!

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Top Tips For Effective Store Localization

Nowadays, when people buy products online, all the geographical barriers are erased, and every merchant has an opportunity to sell goods globally, not paying more efforts than for a trade on a local market. However, international e-Commerce has some distinctive peculiarities and the goal of each shop owner who’s trying to master it, is to learn how to cope with them effectively.

Thus, we’ve prepared a few simple localization tips that’ll help you make your online retailer internationally successful.

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5 Tips to Get into Your Customer’s Head (and Make Him Buy)

Every night I persuade myself logically to wake up early next morning. I voice a million of constructive reasons and nod to the sound of them righteously,

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10 Software Testing Tips for Quality Assurance in Software Development

Quality assurance is an important part in the software development process. Missing this step can not only be very expensive, but even mean failure of a product or, in business-critical applications, the entire company. Software testing is therefore not an option, but a crucial standard necessary to identify and correct software errors at an early stage. We give you testing tips for a well-structured software quality assurance and an overview of recommended testing tools.

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5 Tips To Keep In Mind When Building An E-commerce Site

Though some of you might already be familiar with these tips, Christian Arno from Lingo24 would like to share 5 crucial points to keep in mind when building your next e-commerce site.

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