The Must-Have Magento Extensions of 2015 The Must-Have Magento Extensions of 2015

In this article we will try to present some of the most noteworthy extensions of Magento in the year that is slowly coming to a close.

1. Magento WordPress Integration

As it is said in the name, this extension is used to integrate Magento and WordPress. It seems to be crucial, because in this way you have the leading open source eCommerce platform combined with the best blogging platform. This extension is compatible with Magento Enterprise, Magento Professional or Magento Community Edition. One of the best features is that this extension has full integration, meaning that it fits the site’s theme very well.

2. Magebuzz Free Testimonial

Other people’s opinions matter very much when it comes to sales. Moreover, in order to gain the trust of a potential online client, first you must earn his trust. You can brag about yourself as much as you want, the most valuable opinions are the ones of your buyers. This extension helps you post live recommendations on your site. The positioning of these is important, as the online surfers of your website will have their attentions drawn be the said recommendations.

3. Product Reviews

Much like the previous extension, this one is based on the views given by the clients. It was designed by Yotpo, helping users customize the reviews display or brand and customize the e-mails sent to the users after they have submitted a reviews. It has both a free and paid option, including the ability to respond privately or publicly an much more.

4. Advanced Newsletter

Maintaining a fine relationship with clients is a very important part of every business. Furthermore, for the online stores, this has become an easier task now. Through the Advanced Newsletter extension store owners can invite users to subscribe to their websites in order to receive news regarding new products of their company.

5. Shop Monitor

The Shop Monitor Magento extension is an indicator of everything that must be optimized in an eCommerce store. This includes multichannel tracking of online marketing campaigns and analysis of social media campaigns, click paths and buying processes. This extension is very useful in boosting sales and reducing costs.

These are just a few extensions that are, in our vision, very useful and should be featured in every online store owner’s repertoire. Of course, there are many other extensions in Magento that add plenty of quality to your eCommerce business.

6. Prime Check-out

Prime Check-out is a Magento extension that simplifies the process and divides it into 3 or 4 easy steps giving the best possible user experience but still retrieving all the necessary details for the merchants. The extension is highly customizable and has a light style which goes with almost any design.

In internet marketing the winner takes the most, but to have sales twice as your competitor you don’t have to be twice as better, you just need to have a slight edge.

Feel free to tell us about other Magento extensions that you found useful in the comments sections!