The new office of Meet Magento Association – a new place for new ideas The new office of Meet Magento Association – a new place for new ideas

As you´ve seen on our social media, the Meet Magento Association has moved the last days. Why did we move? Where is the new office? How does it look? This first blog article from our new office answers these questions and will open the door for you to get some impressions of our new home.

The reasons for moving are quite simple…

“…the history of Meet Magento is strongly combined with Netresearch. Meet Magento wouldn´t exist without Netresearch. But this is history and the Meet Magento Association is the future. That´s why we decided to move into a new independent office – it´s the start of a new chapter. Even if Meet Magento is now a worldwide phenomena with 24 local partners it is important to have one central headquarter for all activities around Meet Magento and the association. And that is what we want to create now.”

Annemarie Hache, General Secretary & International Events Meet Magento Association

The Meet Magento Association Moving Checklist

For these reasons we needed a new office. But it wasn´t that easy to find. Now we want to show you five important steps we had to handle on our way to a ready and perfect office.

Step 1: Find a friendly, sunny and cozy location, where creativity and wealth of ideas sprout! – done ✓

 MMA_Step1_1 MMA_Step1_2 MMA_Step1_3

Step 2: Stack your boxes with all things you need for work! – done 


Step 3: Build up your pieces of furniture! Small tip: Build it up together – it´s an excellent opportunity to strengthen the team spirit. Besides it´s a lot of fun. – done 

MMA_Step3_1 MMA_Step3_2

Step 4: Decoration, decoration, decoration! Create a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere with decoration! Place some personal things on your worktable! – done 

MMA_Step4_1 MMA_Step4_2

Do you have any other ideas or tips to improve the work in our office further? Then send us an e-mail to!

If you want to look behind the scenery follow us on snapchat: meetmagento.

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