The Top Email Marketing Strategies For 2016 (Infographic) The Top Email Marketing Strategies For 2016 (Infographic)

It’s a difficult number to wrap your head around, but did you know that there are over 144 billion emails sent every day? It’s insane to think about, but that number proves that email marketing is alive and well. It also proves that your emails need to stand out from the rest somehow.

Today I’ll show you some of my top strategies for email marketing, followed by an infographic packed with even more helpful tips and tricks to make your emails pop in every user’s inbox.

Today’s Top Email Marketing Strategies, Tips, And Tricks (Infographic)

There are a lot of things you or your business will want to know before starting a blog, but one of them that cannot be left out is the need for an email list. Building this from day one is crucial for success. Once you have those emails, though, the battle has only just begun.


Your email will be one of countless others to flood your user’s inboxes on a daily basis. You should make it easy and fast to access the content in your emails. After all, we’re a lazy society and it’s that laziness that drives new technology to make our lives easier.

. To stand out, you need to implement some of today’s science-backed email marketing strategies:

  • Don’t use the person’s name in your emails, it can come across as a scam email, and you don’t want to resemble that.
  • Keep your subject lines below sixty characters or above seventy. Between these two lengths is a dead zone you want to avoid.
  • The best times to send an email are between 8PM and midnight.
  • Mobile devices account for 47% of all email opens, so make sure yours are mobile responsive.

Combine these tips with the infographic below to create the ideal email marketing campaign. Let us know how your strategies are evolving in the comments below!


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