TOP 10 Magento 2 Development Guides Released in 2016 — The Essentials For Every Magento Developer TOP 10 Magento 2 Development Guides Released in 2016 — The Essentials For Every Magento Developer

TOP 10 Magento 2 Development Guides Released in 2016 — The Essentials For Every Magento Developer


It goes without saying that Magento version 2.0 is the much awaited release by many developers around the world. The current version took a very long time before it is developed, and it is worth the wait because of the many capabilities it has compared to the Magento 1.x version. It is hard to detail all the opportunities Magento 2 offers us. By means of experiments, Artjoker has found out that it is reduced time to market and lower maintenance costs, in-built SEO solutions and modernized web & technology stack. The new version is easily customized, it offers improved installation methods, and even more. Discussing the advantages of Magento 2 version will take a long time.


The checklist below contains manuals that are a must-read for every Magento developer who desires to foster his skills. All the books were released in 2016. This means that the information and guidelines they contain are up-to-date and relevant. Each book is available on Amazon, so you can easily add any of them to your cart. Check out the listing for yourself and be ready to read those editions that are of benefit to you and the projects based on Magento 2 you are going to perfect.


  1. Getting Started with Magento 2 (by Silver Touch)


The book introduces the capabilities of Magento 2.0. Here you’ll find an explanation on how to create a simple module and log for database using the last Magento version. This introductory guidebook is about different salient features offered by Magento 2.0. After reading the 17-page text you will definitely be aware of the differences between Magento 1.X and Magento 2.0 in terms of their features and functionalities. Also, the book gives insights into the front-end of Magento 2.0. Summarize your knowledge of the whole process of creating modules, folders or structures.
Cost: $0.99 for Kindle Edition.


  1. Mastering Magento 2 – Second Edition (by Bret Williams and Jonathan Bownds)


The book offers a comprehensive information on all the new Magento features to build up-to-date online stores. You will exploit little-known techniques to extend, tune, and manage Magento installation. Also, get a detailed information on how to make a store run faster, better and more productively. Be ready to read a guide on managing, optimizing, and extending online store by new features of Magento 2. Here you’ll find everything from creating and managing multiple stores to fine-tuning Magento for speed and performance.


Released on June 28, 2016
Cost: Paperback $44.99, Kindle Edition $32.39


  1. Magento 2: Theme Web Page Assets: Getting Stuff Done with Magento 2 (by Alan Kent)


166-page material focuses on CSS, HTML, and JavaScript page assets for themes.


Cost: $8.99 for Kindle Edition.


  1. Learning Magento 2 Administration (by Bret Williams and Cyndi Williams)


This book is about operational aspects that you need to be aware of if you want customers to get a pleasant shopping experience. The manual can be both a step-by-step course in setting up Magento 2 website and a reference to improve the existing online store. You’ll learn more about strategic planning, and get important guidelines and advice for optimizing Magento 2 store. Besides, you’re sure of your operations accuracy because of the screenshot and step-by-step instructions on how to manage hundreds of Magento 2 features.


Released on May 31, 2016
Cost: Paperback $44.99, Kindle Edition $35.99


  1. Magento 2 Development Essentials (by Fernando J. Miguel)


Here you’ll find all the information to foster your Magento 2 skills effectively. The manual begins by setting up Magento 2 before gradually moving onto setting the basic options of the Sell System. Working through the steps in each chapter, you’ll discover all the Magento 2 features to create an online store that will definitely be a success. Here you can also find ample examples and practical advice to maximize your awareness of Magento System performance. Be proficient in the main functionalities and system structure of Magento 2.


Released on February 25, 2016
Cost: Paperback $29.99, Kindle Edition $14.59


  1. Magento 2 Cookbook (by Ray Bogman and Vladimir Kerkhoff)


All the latest features of Magento 2 are in one book to help you realize the full potential of the e-commerce platform. The book is written in an outstanding style and allows one to choose any of its features to carry out day-to-day Magento store tasks. This manual is for already existing Magento developers who want to foster their expertise in designing and managing projects. It starts with simple how-tos that delve into more advanced topics as the book progresses. The authors promise that by the end of the book you’ll be aware of all the development tricks needed for advanced Magento design task.


Released on March 28, 2016
Cost: Paperback $44.99, Kindle Edition $22.39


  1. Magento: Questions and Answers (by George A Duckett)


This book contains the FAQs from website. This book was specifically designed to be easy-to-use. Look up commonly asked questions, browse the answers on the particular topic and compare them to another information resources. Next topics are included: Magento 2, Magento 1.9, Magento 1.7, Configuration, Security, Performance, CE, Layout, Patches, Extensions, Cache and more.


Released on January 19, 2016
Cost: Paperback $15.00, Kindle Edition $6.00.


  1. Magento Extensions Development (Jeremie Bouchet)


The manual supports the writing of innovative and complex extensions. Here the author provides a large overview of the best practices to help you scale a module in a high-load environment. Also, you’ll learn how to use test-driven development (TDD) and unit tests to handle a code. Step-by-step you’ll build an internationally-ready complex extension, find out how to protect user’s data and your intellectual property after publishing an extension on the Magento Connect marketplace. Want to become an invaluable extension editor? This book is for you.


Released on June 30, 2016.
Cost: Paperback $39.99, Kindle Edition $28.79.


  1. No Frills Magento Layout (by Alan Storm)


This manual is considered the only Magento book that fully covers the enigmatic XML Layout system. It is a must-have for both newbie and experienced developer. The book gives all the information you may need when working with the layout system.


Cost: $25.00.


  1. Mastering Magento PHP Development (by Ryan Street)


This example-based guide is about customizing Magento 2 in an efficient and effective way. After the reading you’ll sure understand all the techniques used to create rich and deep integrations with the platform. If you want to develop Magento 2 extensions, this book is for you! You’ll learn how to get to grips with creating your first skeleton module, create your own ORM and data models, design your own shipping and payment modules, and more. After learning the concepts you will be able to implement them without much effort and create advanced customizations for Magento 2 in a snap.


It is going to be released on March 6, 2017
Cost: Paperback $49.99, Kindle Edition $39.99.


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