Update Price for Specific Magento Product Manufacturer Update Price for Specific Magento Product Manufacturer

Not infrequently online merchants need to update price for items, produced by specific manufacturer. This might be a challenge when you have overwhelming number of products.

How is the price updated via Admin?

You need to go product by product, check its manufacturer and update price if required one is assigned.

Want to bypass the routines? See how to change price for certain manufacturer with Store Manager for Magento

There are a lot of products having various manufacturers assigned. We will change prices for ones, produced by “Canon”.

We create filter via search form (input manufacturer name, select “manufacturer” attribute to search in, set number of rows to display, press “Find” button). Pressing “Filer” button below in this window, we will add “Canon” custom filter. It is applied and available in “Filter” drop-down
Select filtered products
Open Product Multi Editor
Update price using expression
Price has been updated.

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