Upgrade your cart to maximize your website’s conversion rate Upgrade your cart to maximize your website’s conversion rate

With the late success, Magento became one of the most popular e-commerce platforms in the world, with 26% from the total online stores. In the world wide web there are 404.372 websites that have used at one point the Magento platform, 260.000 websites have the platform implemented.

More than 80% of online population has used the internet for shopping and more than 50% of them shopped online more than once. Consumers prefer online shopping because it is time and money saving. In cyperspace is easier to compare prices and you have a larger variety of products at lower prices. In 2015 there is a predicted total sale of 1.7 trilion with a 15.6% increase over 2014.

Online traffic is booming and the stores are receiving more and more visitors every day, but all the visits need to be converted into sales. There is always room for improvement and increasing the conversion rate on your website is now more important than ever, having a major impact on the revenues. The cost of paid advertising is getting higher and spending more is not the answer to the low level of sales. You can increase the number of sales without additional visitors only by making small adjustments in the user interface and easing the road to the purchase.

Adding an item to the shopping cart isn’t always a guarantee that they will go all the way with their purchase. One of the most neglected items in the online shop is the shopping cart, over 68.07% of shopping carts never make it to the finish line.

The retailer has a lot of tools to implement to prevent the abandonment of the shopping carts. Most of the shoppers abandon their carts because of the high shipping costs and providing a free or a flat shipping can be the solution which they were searching for.

The buyers often leave their cart unpurchased because they are forced to backtrack and to navigate to see their existing order or because the checkout process is to complicated and they are forced into filling out a lot for forms and to answer a lot of questions, necessary for the retailer but time consuming and nerve wracking for the costumer.

Usually the solution to this problem it’s simpler than you think, by doing small changes and customizing your store design you can see a huge increase of the conversion rate. A clever solution to simplify your check-out process is using an check-out extension.

Prime Check-out is a Magento extension that simplifies the process and divides it into 3 or 4 easy steps giving the best possible user experience but still retrieving all the necessary details for the merchants. The extension is highly customizable and has a light style which goes with almost any design.

In internet marketing the winner takes the most, but to have sales twice as your competitor you don’t have to be twice as better, you just need to have a slight edge.

Here’s a short video overview you should checkout if you’re considering this extension:

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  • Krishma

    May 7, 2015 #1 Author

    I’ve used Prime extension on my online store and i’ve seen a slight decrease of the cart abandonment rate.

  • Lakshmi

    May 7, 2015 #2 Author

    Great article! really helped me a lot, amazing tips, thank you 🙂