Who are your readers any why are they your readers? Who are your readers any why are they your readers?

Blogs, Vlogs, Likes, Comments, Followers, Subscribers, Ads, Chats, Ebooks, Enews, Eshops, Forums, Tags, Viral, etc. What did all these words mean 20 years ago? What do they mean now? The digital industry is growing and so are we.

We can all agree that one thing definitely got easier in time: Sharing content. Anyone has the power of publishing, with todays’ existing tools. But with millions of digital publishers, who are the readers? What do they like? How can you reach them, and to get to know them, to adjust your content accordingly? Here is where our friends from Parse.ly come to help.

Parse.ly is the leading provider of audience insights for digital publishers.


So, how can this tool help your business? The Parse.ly team believes that media companies can win in digital if they smartly partner for their technology, and pick a platform that is data-driven to the core. Then, they can have their internal teams focus on what they do best — creating compelling stories for their audiences.

And if you write for a specific audience, which you know, you know their interests, their likes and dislikes, what can go wrong?

c45127How does it work? Parse.ly provides clear audience insights to digital media publishers through an intuitive analytics platform. Using their dashboards, reporting suite, social tools and API, they help anyone on a publisher’s team understand their readers better — both in real-time and historically.

It all started in 2009, as part of DreamIt Ventures’ incubator program, Parse.ly being founded by Andrew Montalenti and Sachin Kamdar.


After spending their first few years out of college (New York University) becoming disillusioned with the failures of large organizations, they wanted to build something different. Andrew worked on Wall Street and Sachin worked first as a public school teacher in Brooklyn, before they decided to gather their forces and open Parse.ly.

Since launching their start-up, both Andrew and Sachin have evangelised the importance of data for online news and media companies — and been committed to managing the Parse.ly team differently.

A short advice from our friends from Parse.ly about success and its meaning: “Success is the ability to provide publishers with the flexibility and sophistication in the audience insights they rely upon to successfully run sustainable websites.”

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